Amazing Real Search Queries

We got our hands on a source for real searches from “a major search engine”. These are not referral logs from any site, but actual searches typed into the search engine. It’s similar to the AOL database in that sense. While loading up 5,824,601 of the real search phrases for our forum members to use, I took a look at some of these crazy search queries. Here were some of the highlights:

how do i stop taking phentermine
stop taking lexapro
bus stop whore
look up young girls skirts
how to kill yourself in 60 secounds
how to kill a sister
how to kill dogs with antifreeze
how to castrate your husban
my husband doesn’t care about our marriage and my kids won’t talk to him
kurt cobain is a god
33% of women say they’ve had this happen to them at work. 80% would like to have it happen
how can you help save the rain forest
where does bill gates live

There are tons more amazing searches in there. Unlike the AOL searches, our db does not link the search to the users. Seeing things like this only reinforce the need for Internet privacy. Do you want slimely politicians getting there hands on information like this for blackmail, campaigns, or political purposes? I know I don’t. How long before some “high morality” group thinks it’s a good idea to legislate against Thoughtcrimes?

Anyway enough with the politics and onto making money. Forum members can now download the entire list of 5,824,601 real search phrases from this thread.


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One Response to “Amazing Real Search Queries”

  1. john83 says:

    sorry man.. none of those are amazing..
    they’re not half as disturbing as some of the aol queries

    “how can you help save the rain forest”
    “where does bill gates live”
    … lol does it get any more ordinary than this?