Halloween Link Bait Roundup

Hollidays are a special time of the year. Special, because they are another time to write targeted link bait. Geeky + holiday theme = links. Here’s a roundup of some stuff that hit it big for halloween:

Digg Halloween Costume

Ha.ckers Halloween pumpkin cutting contest

Halloween Laptop Mod

Girls’s Costume Warehouse

Working Transformer Costume

Do it yourself list for Halloween

HOWTO: Lego Minifig costume

How to Geekify Your Halloween

Will you be ready for thanksgiving with some kick ass link bait?

You should be.

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3 Responses to “Halloween Link Bait Roundup”

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  2. seohno says:

    I think the Judge Mathis snippet at the very end of ‘Girl’s Costume Warehouse’ might make it perfect for second link right around Easter…