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When I first heard that Shoemoney, Aaron wall and Lee Dodd were putting on an “Elite Retreat” for $5000, I thought that while it will be a great opportunity for some people, I don’t need to go. After all, I already make good money on the Net and have a great network of contacts. I thought “what can i really learn?”

But today I got an email that talked about one of the benefits:

VIP – For an additional fee you can attend an intimate business dinner meeting with all four leaders for an additional $500.00. Dinner will be included except alcohol. Max number of attendees is 5. This is on a first come first serve limited basis . . .

Interesting. What did they mean by “intimate business dinner?” And with who?

So I decided to go to the elite retreat website to get some more details:

Holy shit was I surprised. This isn’t going to be a waste of money!

This is not going to be some stuffy conference where you don’t really get to know people. This is taking networking to the next level. This is absolutely revolutionary!

I was surprised to see the Portuguese references. But after living in Brazil this last year, I’ve become rather fluent. That will apparently come in rather handy.

If you haven’t checked out the site today, you have to go to see it. I hear this is not the same schedule that was originally announced.

Is that shoemoney in the pic? If it is, dude not only lost weight but now he’s shredded!

Am I worried about my $5000 investment? Not one bit.

This is going to be FUN. It’s clear that even an expert like me can learn a ton from going to a convention like this!

There’s only one thing I don’t understand: Why is Andrea coming?

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12 Responses to “Pink Hat SEO”

  1. mthomas says:

    Gonna have to send this to the boss and tell him I MUST go!!

  2. MrPenn says:

    That is some funny shit.

  3. joebanner says:

    Are you really trying to be funny, or are you really saying these guys are sanctimonious, self important, limp wristed, butt headed geeks and it frosts your ass to see them make this kind of money?

  4. rollinj says:

    Hah, was almost getting excited thinking quads was going… thought I might buy a ticket! Then… my excitement quickly turned to disgust… LOL

    Glad I dont work around other ppl, and I thought it was .info! Got me!

    Good one, peace

  5. john83 says:

    oh my god hahahahahahahaa!!!!

  6. SeoPinkHat says:

    Truth Seo Pink Hat is here :

    Seo Pink hat Team


  7. matt sandy says:

    Opened this yesterday, and one good thing about cubicles are the walls to prevent the eyes of others to glance at my screen. I have to say though that was unkink, and I quickly closed. I guess some not so work safe stuff is to be expected in black-hat territory.

  8. werty says:

    This made my day….hahahaha.

    Also I could not agree more with your last line.

  9. […] Well, I got tons of IMs about my Pink Hat SEO post last week: people wanting to know if I have some kind of gripe with Shoe or Aaron or Lee Dodd. One blog commenter even asked if “frosts [my] ass to see them make this kind of money?” […]

  10. stolt says:

    Nice sale.

  11. QuadsZilla says:

    Update: This was funny when the site was for a Gay Portugal Vacation.

    Now it’s kinda lame 🙁