Fumflockerkin – The PPC Study the World Needs

This one is a real project that requires real work . . . so I won’t be doing it.

However, I’ll outline what you can do to create an article that is sorely lacking in the SEO space:

1. Create 25+ imaginary keywords like “fumflockerkin” (But not fumflockerkin)
2. Set up 5 adword and 5 adsense accounts under 10 different names
3. Create a series of landing pages for the keyword
4. Track what happens when you bid against yourself.
5. Track what happens with quality score for various settings. (CTR, conversions, page layouts)
6. Track how much Google is really taking.

Make sure to include pretty graphs and your methodology.

This is one hell of a project to undertake. You’ll need several servers, even more proxy IP addresses and to think about what the possible pitfalls are to prevent being discovered.

People are clamoring to know what the hell is going on with adsense, adwords and the wizard behind the curtain. Answer those questions, answer them well, and you’ll have more links than you know what to do with.

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5 Responses to “Fumflockerkin – The PPC Study the World Needs”

  1. Jamie says:

    Good questions to answer, but wouldn’t you need to have real keywords with relavant landing pages to get anything worthwhile out of this? You’d want to have a “natural” CTR as part of the equation right?

  2. Jori says:

    I’m SO tempted of doing this.

  3. Dataracks says:

    I’ll give someone an Insanely Discounted Multiple Class C Server for this Project.

    1.) Private Netblocks
    2.) Each C Class is Branded Differently
    3.) 100% Uptime SLA or 5% back for every 1/2 hour of downtime.
    3.) Load Balancing is Available (we can tune it down to the most available ram, cpu usage, i/o usage or a combination.

  4. Is there any chance that will effect Search engine ranking for spending $$

  5. evernerve says:

    I agree. More than a year has passed since this post and no one has done it. Because it is like climbing Mt. Everest. Furthermore, there is still a ton of information out there how someone pulled it off, but never with domain names revealed, the keywords used, the SEO tactic of choice. Which is logical on one hand, but irritating on the other.