Got .gov?

As you may know, cetain .gov sites have a ton of weight in the SERPs. They are trusted because . . . well <sarcasm>shouldn’t we trust everything the government does?</sarcasm>

If you are familar with parasite hosting, you know that getting access to a premium domain can yeild some incredible returns very quickly.

What if I told you you could get access to a 10 year old plus .gov domain with over 3 million backlinks? What if the backlinks included over 80k .edu and .gov links?

What if I told you that you could get a mini site on said .gov domain that is NOT orphaned (ie it has a link from within the site going to the mini site)?

Would you be interested?

Well you’re not alone.

Right now someone is auctioning off just that type of access and the bidding is up to just around $10,000. Since one could make that back in a day with the right type of spamming, I expect that price to go considerably higher before the auction closes.

If you’re a serious spammer, this is one opportunity you may want to take a look at.

Check out the details of the .gov Parasitic hosting auction here on eBay.

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12 Responses to “Got .gov?”

  1. QuadsZilla says:

    FYI – it’s not me running the auction.

  2. Caydel says:

    The auction appears to be over now:

    Winning bid: GBP 5,200.00
    (Approximately US $9,914.84)
    Ended: Nov-10-06 08:36:00 PST

  3. Dudibob says:

    and it’s sold, for just under $10,000

  4. kol says:

    I wonder what the domain is.. wasn’t it supposed to have been revealed after the auction ended?

  5. Dataracks says:

    Most likely revealed to the winner. I would not see a purpose in revealing that information to the general public if the object is to have the link as long as possible.

  6. devilfish says:

    it all sounds a bit like selling the “PS2” boxes minus the PS2 (read the small print etc..)

    If you had that type of access for the money you could make, a well planned swift hit for a few weeks would reap far more in return

  7. rollinj says:

    Nobody else notice the constant counter value of ‘666’ ?

  8. abhilash says:

    This guy could just as easily sold individual pages for $1500/piece. but there’s also nothing stopping him from doing the exact same thing in a week (viz. no limit on usage space), right?

  9. blachhatter says:

    666 – the number of the beast, hell and fire was spawned to be released… it seems to be quite a shady auction anyway, considering the fact that the one bidding and the one selling have credibility of the devil’s word.

  10. blachhatter says:

    666 the number of the beast, hell and fire was spawned to be released…

  11. bkarnot says:

    Is there alot of value to having a link on a hidden subpage of high pagerank sites? Isn’t all the value off the homepage or high traffic pages?

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