Google Properties to Appear #1 in all SERPs

“We’re a search engine . . . no wait we’re a portal . . . and Gootube!”

It’s scary: Google can decide at any time to steal the top spot for itself . . . like it did for finance, travel and most recently for movie searches:

Stolen SERPS

“Sorry IMDB but we’d rather just have all those top spots for ourselves. 2nd is not that bad though.”

Will it stop? I doubt it. Google’s going to take the top spots on every vertical they want.

I’m not so sure I welcome our new Robot Overlords anymore.

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6 Responses to “Google Properties to Appear #1 in all SERPs”

  1. simleon says:

    Ya I noticed it alredy… but this is a great post man. Thanks a lot

  2. florin says:

    It’s appearing for music (singers actually) searches as well. When I saw it yesterday I just thought it was put there by “Customize Google” (Firefox) or another plugin but…

  3. Outlaw says:

    Google has reached the apex of her empire and has forgot what had
    brought them success. Their SE is running on the fumes of their reputation.
    It is a long, steep way down for them.

  4. Ian says:

    Great topic. I wonder what’s next. Since GOOG is public and Wall St is clamering, I guess it’s not surprising.

  5. Hashim says:

    that top spot for movie searches leads to a vertical Google search engine for films, that then leads to other websites. That’s not as bad as Yahoo directing you to Yahoo! Movies.

  6. Cesarit says:

    Hadn’t they been selling ads on that space? Why can’t they sell that ad space o themselves? I see no difference between them keeping that space for themselves and selling it to someone else…