The Best SEO Articles of 2006

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45 Responses to “The Best SEO Articles of 2006”

  1. Cumbrowski says:

    Is (0.X% x Y) > (100% x 0) no longer true? – Search Engine Myths, Goals and Agendas, Site Design and Usability, Search Engine Spam, Duplicate Content, Florida, Jagger, BigDaddy and a few Rants.

  2. Randy says:

    Examples of Viral Marketing and Linkbait – Examines some successful link bait and idea viruses and what they have in common.

  3. AndyBeard says:

    Tagbaiting Google – evidence to suggest Google likes some forms of duplicate content and strategies to take advantage of this.

  4. Caydel says:

    Creating a List of SEO Resources – This summer, while at my coop, I taught ny employer a few SEO basics, and gave him this list of resources. Beginner Oriented’

  5. london-seo says:

    How I made my millions – a brief article for newbies to get into the online webmastering world – and how to make money at the same time… 🙂

  6. Sean Fraser says:

    How to use Keywords for Pleasure and Profit – An Elementary article about constructing keyword phrases, how they work and what occurs when you do.

  7. Digg Citation Search Bookmarklet – get the Digg-value: use this bookmarklet to see in one swoop how often a site or blog has been Digged (and how successful the Digs were)

  8. aviva says:

    21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch – The 21 points included in this checklist will cover the basics of what you need to do during those all-important first two weeks of your blog’s life.

  9. Scoreboard says:

    I Just Hired A Billion Linkbuilders – Leveraging the social media audience to do the SEO grunt work.

  10. SEOsnafu says:

    Matt Cutts leaves Google for – Experimentation in Social Media Optimization and link baiting analysis.

  11. bjorn says:

    How I ruthlessly referrer-spam everyone I know – Why surf without referrer spam? It’s a waste of time! 🙂

  12. nextebizguy says:

    Best Tips For Selling on Craigslist – You can make good money selling things on Craigslist.

  13. The Ultimate Guide to Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly – A number of extremely useful tips and WordPress plugins that will really make a difference for your blog – and your bank account.

  14. Chris OHara says:

    So you want to make money on the internet? – The secrets to why some websites are making more money then others. Learn how you can make money off the internet very quickly.

  15. Maurizio says:

    Optimize WordPress for Search Engines – This article explains how to set up WordPress to make it more Search Engine Friendly, and gives some tips and advices about how to post with that aim in mind.

  16. esoos says:

    Why SEOs Don’t Need SEO – Why rankings are good for selling scented candles and credit card leads, but not so good for selling SEO services.

  17. Mike says:

    Google loooove Google long time – Why Google are master baiters.

  18. Mike says:

    Hiring an SEO firm? – 5 Things Small Business should get right before they start spending money on SEO.

  19. Julien Raby says:

    Ten ways to create innovative blog content ideas – With the Web and especially the blogosphere getting crowded these days, it’s getting more and more difficult to create really unique and useful content. So here are my top ten sources to generate fresh blog content ideas.

  20. Guincho Guy says:

    TOP List of Money Making Resources – FREE software and tools that you don’t normally find in these bloody annoying lists! 🙂

  21. Neill says:

    Domains for linklove – A trilogy how-to buy domains for their linklove. A decently structured tutorial that summarizes it all.

  22. Blackbeard says:

    Top 10 Pay Per Click Mistakes – A list of the ten biggest mistakes I’ve made using pay per click advertising.

  23. What I Have Learned (the hard way) About Search Engines – In an attempt at making amends for all of the Flash screens and animated .gifs, a former bells and whistles junky shares what she has learned about SEO.

  24. snapper says:

    How I Set Up WordPress – Not strictly an SEO post but includes what I reckon is the most important and simple SEO change for a WP blog.

  25. Diddy1 says:

    Top Ten SEO Obvious Deadly Sins
    SEO is a trade with two sides: one the easy one are obvious mistakes you shouldn’t make, these are the deadliest, and another which is the most complicated one that will give you that extra edge is SERPs.

    Thank You

  26. mindquickie says:

    SEO from the Bible: Matt Cutts is Jesus – The Bible offers some insightful advice on SEO. You just need to know how to translate it.

  27. Moneyworks says:

    Niche Marketing: Beating Your Competitors. – Learn how to analyse your competitor’s websites and steal their ideas.

  28. Steve says:

    SEO: Will it Linkbait? – Examines an example of linkbaiting from Blendtec. Their viral marketing idea got them more than just links; in fact, it got air time on NBC’s Today Show and VH1’s Web Junk 20.

  29. frank says:

    What do search engine spiders see? – When you understand how spiders are viewing your page you are far better equipped to optimize the page.

  30. Ian Purton says:

    SEO WordPress Sandbox Theme

    If you’re building a new WordPress theme consider this stripped down starter which uses the Yahoo CSS libraries and is already optimised.

  31. bk says:

    How to Exploit Regional Demographics for SEO and SEM Information is power, and knowing where your searchers are located means better SEM ad-copy and greater SEO copywriting and link strategy!

  32. […] Quadszilla is becoming less “insular” with his blogging too, and put together a great “community post” of The best SEO articles of 2006. If you enjoy some of the posts, it is well worth a digg. […]

  33. stinger81 says:

    How to Find Link Partners for Your Website
    It’s not a secret that link exchange can be a very exhausting process, especially when you need to find link partners that are related to the subject of your website. This article will help speed up your link building process and make it much more effective.

  34. SEOLoser says:

    Webmaster World PubCon Las Vegas 2006 – How I Learned I am an SEO Loser
    – “Here I was, getting denied right and left, by a bunch of 25-50 year old nerdy guys. I had a collection of mixed emotions. I didn’t know if I was going to laugh or cry. I was still having a fantastic time (maybe the free beer helped with that)…”

  35. retireyoung says:

    Think of Adsense and Affiliates as a Computer Game
    Save money buying the latest game consoles and start thinking of Adsense as a computer game!

  36. ianvisits says:

    Email reputation and SSL Certificates How adding an SSL certificate seems to improve your domain/IP reputation with spam blockers, and may enhance search reputation.

  37. […] The first thing I figured I should tackle is this domain ~ has never really had any purpose other than for testing out bits of scripts and WordPress plugins etc, and over the last year or so I have kept a rough blog here. Although I don’t want the site to become ‘professional’ it could certainly do with a tidy up, so I started to read about what ‘proper’ bloggers do. I didn’t get very far before I came across this article via Quadzilla’s competition. Number one on the list is to engage your audience with an About Me page, something I have never had until today. […]

  38. 101 Easy Ways to use Google’s New Website Optimizer – How-to double your conversion rate guide. 101 simple, surefire techniques to test when using Google Website Optimizer.

  39. […] SEO Blackhat’s best of 2006 SEO article roundup – cool idea […]

  40. yuri says:

    Optimize your site for local search engine traffic – optimize your website to get local visitors to your website. Use numerous tips and pieces of advice from the experts in the local site optimization field.

  41. […] Hat tip to SEOblackhat for inspiring this idea. […]