Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis, who was recently fired from AOL, feels that he is ready to run a Multi Billion dollar company yet is also under the impression that “SEO is Bullshit“.

Perhaps that mentality is part of why:

a significant portion of AOL’s 60 million Web pages simply don’t exist, as far as search engines are concerned. For so long, AOL’s pages were not indexed by Web crawlers, such as those owned by Google Inc. and Yahoo, because they were in a closed network accessible to only paid subscribers. With search as a major driver of Web traffic, AOL has a long way to go to get noticed by Internet users and has been busy tagging its content for indexing by search engines.

“We’re 15 percent of where we want to be” in terms of AOL’s presence in search-engine results, Miller said.

The Jason Calacanis reference on Wolf-Howl should be fun to watch considering how often Jason Calacanis has been referenced in the news. The pages that rank for Jason Calacanis are rather competitive.

Feel free to throw your hat in to the Jason Calacanis SEO Love fest by linking to this Jason Calacanis post or to Michael Grays Jason Calacanis Post. That is, of course, unless you’re of the belief that SEO is bullshit – because then, what would be the point?

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12 Responses to “Jason Calacanis”

  1. MrPenn says:

    I thought that you’d appreciate what Jason Calacanis is saying– Jason Calacanis is one hell of a link baiter 🙂

    PS Typo in your anchor text to Michael Gray’s post

    (edited for keywords)

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    fixed – thanks

    Jason Calacanis didn’t get a link from me 😉

  3. diddy1 says:

    What an idiot! He probably has been living under a rock called AOL for so long he doesn’t know what’s been happening out here. Let’s ask him about the new Micheal Jackson album: Thriller.

    Thank You

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  5. Andrew Johnson says:

    Come on, this is the guy who had that massively interlinked Weblogs Inc network. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

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  7. alexf2000 says:

    It is good that he is fired, he once spotted my vote buying activity at netscape but now my system should work better without him watching. 😉

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