Sexy Mac Book Pros

By now you must have seen a few Apple reviews that are so gushing that they almost cross the line to pornographic:

“When Apple Rules The World – What does it mean when you really, really want to lick a new MacBook Pro, and swoon?”

Are these reviewers so taken by the beauty and power of the machine that the reviews have to read like a trashy novel? What’s the deal?

I never quite understood how sexy the Mac Book Pro could be until Iarrived here in Rio De Janeiro. After finding an Open Wi-Fi Connection in my hotel room I set up my home-office and left for a night on the town.

Sure enough, when we returned from our night out, that hot and sexy Aluminum case was waiting to give us the Full Apple Experience.

Mac Book Pro

Wasting no time, she beckoned us to Key Stroke and stroke and stroke. This Mac Book Pro Was Both incredibly FAST and EASY. It got me thinking, what could be better than Core2Duo?



2 Mac Book Pro Core 2 Duos – Now I am the Quad-Father! muhahahahahaha

Next, it was time to plug in the Special “Mac Lover” USB Microphone with harmonious cosmic hum. Intel’s not the only thing inside of these sensuous beauties.

Mac Book Pro Microphone

Apple showed me how easily these two machines could interface as we heard what can only be described as a multiple Dual Corgasm:

Dual Corgasms

The ecstasy didn’t stop there. These sexy beasts wanted to boast their performance, connectivity, and Serviceability. They screamed for a bigger, Harder 500 GB Drive and would not settle for anything less than 30 Inches of LDC Love:

Mac Book Pro Performance

This orgy of performance and connectivity has certainly turned me into a Mac lover. I can honestly say that, now, I do indeed “Think Different”.

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6 Responses to “Sexy Mac Book Pros”

  1. AlDavies says:

    o – m – g … i hope the lingerie isn’t from your personal collection. The Nikes hats complete the picture. Sweetness

  2. says:

    Wow, that’s sexy, Are they gonna pop out an iPhone and a few 100GB iPods in 9 months?

  3. stefanjuhl says:

    Amazing.. Next time try to get the Mac porn on film!

  4. sidvicious says:

    Haha, cheese alert. Funny though 🙂

    Could be a tough day to get the link love though, what with the Mac Expo and the iPhone.

    Or do you think that will work in your favour?

  5. paulknag says:

    This puerile and offensive post objectifies and de-Macifies defenseless Mac Book Pros. Grow up and get a clue, jerk!

    Seriously, this ranks in the hall of shame as a canonical example of extraordinarily stupid humor as link-bait.

    Nice work, Quadz. I think I’ll definitely renew that subscription to seoblackhatforums since the blog of late has become

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