Hacker Crime Spree in the SEO Space

As you have probably seen by now, a few SEO blogs have been hit by a hacker going after a wordpress exploit. He got Wolf-howl, stuntdubl (still down), and boogybonbon.

The letter from the hacker.

Here is the Coverage on threadwatch.org and ha.ckers.org.

True, the SEO blogosphere is a bit of an echo chamber but a little hacking /defacement is not more interesting than when that Polish girl got 4 billion plus pages indexed; pull something like that off and you have a real accomplishment.

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5 Responses to “Hacker Crime Spree in the SEO Space”

  1. gh0stb0t says:

    Some of the sites as described by the FuckingPirate should be plundered. More booty for the SEO pirates! ARRRRGGGH!

  2. […] Apparently, a hacker is trying to take down a lot of big hot-shot SEO sites. You can read about it here, here, and here. […]

  3. […] Esto es lo que les paso a 3 blogs de SEO, que por andar usando versiones viejas de WordPress, les tiraron el sitio abajo :S. El exploit apenas fue descubierto hace unas 2 semanas (creo) y tiene algo que ver con el repentino lanzamiento de WordPress 2.0.7. El hacker (quien se hace llamar FuckingPirate) tiene en la mira a otros blogs de SEO y hasta dejo su “carta” a uno de los afectados. […]

  4. aftermarket says:

    Wannabe blackhat here. Wet behind the ears and finally finished reading your whole blog in my sparetime(from Hello World!)=me having no life. Your blog has provided a really good foundation of knowledge for me to build on, and hopefully become a at least a somewhat decent seo. Anyway thanks for all the info and congrats on your marriage in june. Hope everything is going well.