Do Yourself a Favor . . .

and read this.

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8 Responses to “Do Yourself a Favor . . .”

  1. Caydel says:

    Good Luck, I would participate if I thought I had a chance of winning!

  2. JoaoJose says:


  3. gh0stb0t says:

    So how in Allah’s name are you going to distingush the value difference between the links quick enough to keep the game moving? Are there reups? Can I buy in with as many links as I want?

  4. QuadsZilla says:

    You only have to ante once and your in. It’s not like we ante every round of betting. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

  5. rose.water says:

    Whatever anchor text we want?

    Tons of links with the same anchor text is worthless, since google likes the randomness naturalness of the naturally created anchor text and the surrounding paragraph text as well.

  6. sidvicious says:

    Rose, I think you’re exagerrating. You’re only able to ante a PR4+ domain, which suggests the winning domain is already going to have at least some natural inlinks. So even if the prize links are all identical, there should still be other links to balance it out.

    That said, Google is going to be aware of this competition, and could discount the value of the links if they wanted to.

    But I think Quads, the link whore that he is, has done a great job with this competition. Even if the first prize proves to have marginal value, the entry price is low enough to make it well worth entering, just to see what effect it does have. I would be surprised if there are many really valuable sites anted, but surely everyone has at least one PR4 site they could throw in at little cost to themselves. And if you do win, that PR4 site might suddenly become worth much more.

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  8. aftermarket says:

    I have some pr4 domains, no content yet, can I enter with those? BTW love your blog, and because of you for the last 4 1/2 months I’ve had my butt glued to the chair learning seo. Read though your whole blog 1st, then went to syndk8, now I’m on my own. Not specificly bh though. Thank you