Quality Links and Free Money: So what’s the Catch?

Every now and then you’ll find a service, idea, or product that is so great that you think it will “sell itself”. All you have to do is talk about some of the features and your prospect will just “get it”. No need to sell, it will sell itself – right?

Don’t believe it for a second.

No matter what you’re selling, “your customer needs a ton of rational reasons why this is a great deal, so he can give his wife, his buddies, and himself a good and plausible story supporting his buying decision.” –John Carlton.

Case and point is my recent SEO Poker Tournament announcement. To me, this was such a no-brainer that I thought we’d have a thousand sign-ups by now. To me, the benefits are so overwhelming and self-evident that I believed that everyone who read it would sign up instantly.

Boy was I mistaken.

Here we are more than a week after the announcement and only a handful of people have signed up. Sure, I could chalk it up to the fact that the tourney is not until March 24th, but I think the real failure was in the original pitch.

The benefits were not clearly defined. The pitch was too complicated: the call to action not strong enough.

So let’s have another go at it:

It Cost Nothing to Join!

The SEO poker tournament is basically free to enter. You don’t need any money in your full tilt poker account. There are no hidden costs. All you have to do is agree to link to the winner for year from your page rank 4 or higher site. If you have a Page Rank 6 site, that link can be one off the homepage like in your “about”, “contact”, or “fun stuff” page.

Extra $5000 thrown in for Free!

Maybe you don’t care about getting hundreds of backlinks from quality sites. Maybe you actually believe what rose water said:

“Tons of links with the same anchor text is worthless.”

Sure it is pal. That guy couldn’t even spell “SEO” with a 2-letter head start.

But let’s say you actually buy his “talking out of my ass with no testing to back up my claim” bullshit. You could still win your share of $5000 for placing in SEO Poker tournament. That’s 5000 FREE reasons to join. But if you still need convincing:

Rank for a Profitable Search Term!

You’re Page rank 4 or higher site already has some quality backlinks. Throwing an extra few hundred quality backlinks at your site has the potential to help you rank for something that can make you money – lots of money. Now, you can sit back and let this opportunity pass you by, or you can have some fun on a Saturday with the potential to help you put lots of money in the bank by signing up for the tournament. The decision is as close to a no-brainer as they come.

The SEO Poker Tournament Will Be FUN

No limit Texas Hold’em is fun. Playing poker with other SEOs and webmasters is a way for you kick back, talk trash, have fun and network with other successful webmasters.

Overcoming Objections

You probably dreamed up some kind of reason not to “do it fucking now” and sign up for the SEO poker tournament. So let’s walk through some of the common objections:

1. “I don’t Want to Link to a bad Neighborhood. “

Answer: The Winner Will Have a Quality Site.

Sure, page rank isn’t perfect – far from it. But the winner of the tournament will have at least a page rank 4. It’s not like you’re going to be linking into the dark and shady corners of the Internet; the winning site is not banned from Google. Google trusts the site enough to award it at least a page rank 4.

Plus, it’s unlikely that anyone would win the tournament only to point the links to a spam site; the life cycle of those sites is too short. The smart move is to throw those links at a white hat project and rake in the cash over the long haul. A link to a site like that out of all your quality outbound links is a drop in the bucket; but those drops could add up to something HUGE for the winner.

2. What if people don’t link to the Winner?

Answer: I doubt very many people would be stupid enough to welsh on a bet like this.

In Business, your biggest asset is your word, your credibility: your trust. If people don’t trust you, good luck making any business contacts or becoming successful. Why would anyone want to risk all that over a silly link?

3. “I suck at Poker”

Answer: Get a Ringer!

OK, you may not be that good at No limit Texas Hold’em. It’s a complicated game. But are you really telling me that you don’t have any friends that could play with you?!? We’re talking about potentially ranking for the search term of your choice or your share of $5000. Get a ringer!

Get someone who knows poker to come over your house to help you on every hand. If I didn’t know poker, it’s what I would do.

4. “I don’t want to link to 10s or 100s of sites.”

Answer: You only have to link to the 1 winner of the tournament

It’s not like we are anteing a link for every round of betting – that would get out of control very quickly. All you’re doing is anteing once to get into the tournament. Once you’re in, you stay in till you lose your all your chips, or you win the tournament and all the links.

5. “I’m lazy, What do I have to do to Sign up again?”

Answer: It’s simple, this is what you need to do:

1st: Just do a simple blog post and link to poker.seoblackhat.com saying you’re gonna play. Cut and paste this if you like:

I will be playing in the SEO <a href="http://poker.seoblackhat.com">Poker Tournament</a> on March 24th at 9:00 pm GMT.

It will take you at most 2 minutes; do it right now before you forget.

(no, really. Do it now.)

2nd Download the free full tilt poker software and sign up for an account. It’s 100% Free. I don’t care if you use my affiliate link or not; just get the poker client so you can play.

3rd Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

It really is that simple.

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12 Responses to “Quality Links and Free Money: So what’s the Catch?”

  1. gh0stb0t says:

    How much money do we start off with? A poker game based on the premise of gambling for a few links won’t last long. What is the betting structure going to be? When will the blinds be raised? Are you out of the game as soon as you lose your link/links? I think this might be why so few people have been willing to throw their hats into the ring.


  2. Muskie says:

    To me it all depends on March 24th. Even I have a page rank four page, I have subdomains with page rank four. I’m not sure what link text I’d choose though. I’ll think about it.

  3. burento says:

    You should put up a few memberships to the top finalists..

  4. rose.water says:

    Here’s the proof to backup my claim, Tons of links with the same anchor text is worthless:

  5. sidvicious says:

    gh0stb0t – it’s just a perfectly normal poker tournament, where everyone starts with $1000 or $1500 in chips, or whatever is normal on Full Tilt

    The link is just the entry price to the competition, and links do not form any part of the betting during the actual game.

    I’m sure Quadszilla said that in his post..

  6. QuadsZilla says:

    no, that’s not proof. Proof would be an example where someone had an existing PR5 and pointed 100 more PR4-6 links with the same anchor text at it and saw no benefit in the SERPs. You won’t find that example because it doesn’t exist.

    What you found was conjecture.

  7. rose.water says:

    I shouldn’t of said worthless, just of less value, right?

  8. QuadsZilla says:

    let me put it this way, I’m near certain that if the winner picks anything but an ultra competitive term, they will rank for whatever they choose.

  9. freelanceblogger says:

    Here’s my question…

    I have several PR4 and 5 websites, including 2 poker sites. I’m more than willing to let the winner (if it’s not me) choose/specify the most appropriate link (since my sites collectivtely cover a range of topics). But on the other hand, the site I want “losers” linked to, if I win, is brand new, predicted PR4. Is some arrangement like this okay, or no? [The likelihood of me winning, unless it’s Texas Hold’em, is small.]

    Just thinking: by participating, I reveal myself. That might really be why you’re not getting a lot of sign ups. Though I could be wrong.

  10. burento says:

    SO i have a question. I posted a link saying i wanted in on my PR6 site and i submitted the form. I never recieved a response and even used the contact here to inquire about it.

    So how do we verify we are in the tourney to begin with?

  11. QuadsZilla says:

    been traveling and will have an update on friday.

  12. […] For details about the tournament, be sure to check out “Quality Links and Free Money: So what’s the Catch?” and enter by filling out the form on poker.seoblackhat.com. […]