RSS Magician

RSS Magician just launched with the ability to combine and rewrite RSS feeds on the fly to produce new feeds.

The result will be a feed that will contain a maximum of 10 FULL articles for one keyword at a time, from one of the articles directories. This is NOT like using the regular RSS feed that the article directories give you. By and large, their feeds will only give you a tidbit of the article to update your site with. RSS Magician allows you to grab the full article. You can use them on your sites, blogs or any other way you want (while of course complying with the free article’s terms of service).

RSS Magician also includes on the fly language translation, word substitution based on a synonym library, adding random text and sentence shuffling. While most people serious about BlackHat SEO will code their own content generation programs, at only $49 for the package, RSS Magician is a great way to get your feet wet without putting up much cash.

You can check out the details of RSS Magician here.

And as a bonus for SEO Black Hat Forum members, we’ve worked out a $10 discount on RSS magician so you can pick it up for only $39. The discount code is in this thread.

Happy Spamming!

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2 Responses to “RSS Magician”

  1. engtech says:

    I wonder when the guys who write this software are going to get a clue and provide blog owners with a means to pay a protection fee that prevents their content from being scraped.


  2. aftermarket says:

    So, it just uses a markov script? 49 is cheap though