The Content Solution – Free For the Next 3 Weeks

From the creator:

Sure thing, you can download a fresh copy It’s completely free for
the next 3 weeks or so, to EVERYONE. We’ve had an absolute horde of downloads in the past few days (who can
say no to free? 🙂 and the response to the new interface and features has been really good.

So give it a look and if you want to do a post on it, the sooner the better as we’re still in the free period where anyone can try it for nothing.


The price is right – might as well grab a copy while it’s still free.

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6 Responses to “The Content Solution – Free For the Next 3 Weeks”

  1. AlDavies says:

    Talk about prayer getting answered! I was just thinking about this before I went to sleep last night. This is so boss. Quadsie, will you marry me?

  2. mitchell_harper says:

    It’s free, so you get what you pay for. I completely disagree with the marketing speil on their site so I had to leave a comment (it’s a nightmare to register with WordPress BTW, you’d get heaps more comments if you used a built-in comment system that didn’t require you to register).

    The Content Solution can’t hold a candle to ArticleLive, and if anyone can prove me wrong I’ll give you $500:

    ArticleLive is $239 with a year of support. It’s sturdy, used on about 20,000 sites and has 12 guys supporting it. What do you do when you get stuck trying to customize/change code for The Content Solution? Free is free, and as I said you get what you pay for.

    Good luck to the guys behind it and I hope they get lots of downloads, but if you’re serious about setting up a content site then PLEASE at least buy a competing CMS that has been around for at least 3 years.

  3. cherub says:

    So is that totally free, or is it 3 weeks of free usage, then you have to pay?

  4. NetEvolution says:

    Is it free with no time limits?, I grabbed a copy yesterday and got another chase up email today making it sound like a shareware 30 day use offer…

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  6. mybeni'"><h1>asdasd says:

    nice, nice 🙂