Sells for $9.5 Million in Cash

Via Threadwatch, we have a story on the Domain Name Newswire about selling for $9.5 Million.

Moniker has brokered the sale of the domain name for $9.5M in cash. This is the largest all-cash domain sale ever reported. The most expensive domain name ever sold is also in the adult entertainment industry – sold for approximately $12M, but that price included equity.

It’s the largest all cash deal ever for a domain. It makes sense that it would be in adult considering some of the adult statistics we’ve seen recently.

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4 Responses to “ Sells for $9.5 Million in Cash”

  1. MikeEmpuria says:

    If only I had a time machine.,,, etc. All $ Million + domains. What now would be worth millions in ten years time?

  2. gh0stb0t says:

    I would say they got a smokin’ deal. They should make the $9.5 million back in no time…


  3. […] Essa semana eu escrevi sobre o Mercado Livre banindo os sites adultos do seu programa de afiliados, hoje, casualmente, me deparei com um post, falando sobre o maior valor já pago por um domínio, 9,5 milhões de dólares; qual domínio? […]

  4. In ten years time, the web may be completely different in comparison to how it is today. Domain names may come to have different meanings as well. The entire english language has basically had domain names attached to each word, most things just are different today.

    Anyways though, it’s crazy that domains are sold for that much, regardless of the site in existence on top of the domain. It is all about domain age and shortened perfect worded domains though…I mean, porn and, the perfect domain names worth past the high millions mark. The bad news is that most deep-pocketed companies end up not getting the full potential and sometimes don’t make back as much as they could in comparison to the type of monetization us grey and black-hatters would do. I would’ve asked for more =o)