How To Get More Links to Your Remarkable Blog Posts

Brian Clark posted about how to get more subscribers through remarkable writing and vangogh follow up with an extended purple cow analogy:

CopyBlogger (as one example) gets talked about and linked to often and rightfully so. Brian’s content is generally remarkable. However if you took a few of Brian’s more talked about posts and moved them to a relatively unknown blog they wouldn’t get talked about as much or even at all. In a sense it’s the purple cow in the barn syndrome. CopyBlogger is out of the barn and standing in the middle of the field. Once there are enough purple cows in your field then people will look longer at your ordinary black and white cow and some will even believe they see purple. It’s all the purple from the other cows in the field being reflected.

The secret to How to Get More Links to Your Remarkable Blog Posts is pretty simple:

Ask for them.

I’m not talking about an email that says “Please link to this remarkable post”. A better strategy would be something like this:

First add insightful comments to several blog posts like iMarketingGuru did on SEO Black Hat here, here, here, here and here.

That gets you in the conversation with the blogger and shows that you read their blog.

Then later, when you have a TRUELY remarkable post that fits in with the theme of your target site, send an email that says something like:

“Hey [A/ B list blogger’s Name]

My name is [your name] and I’m an avid reader of your blog. After reading [blog post they did1] [blog post they did 2] and [Blog post they did 3], I thought that [remarkable blog post you did] might be something that’s up your alley to blog about.

Keep up the great writing, I look forward to your blog posts.

-[your name]”

Edit to fit your personality and writing style, but the key elements to include are

1. An Introduction (your name)
2. Evidence that you have read their blog (reference posts)
3. Flattery – Stroke the ego so they feel bad not writing about you
4. The request or suggestion to write about a great post you did.

I get more requests for SEO consulting than I do personalized requests to blog or link to something. Considering how busy my days are, I would certainly consider blogging about any Remarkable posts that were spoon fed to me – and so would most Popular bloggers.

The secret to getting your purple cow out of the barn is to get the word out when you have something truly remarkable. It will get you more links, more subscribers, and (if you have a business model) – more money.

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3 Responses to “How To Get More Links to Your Remarkable Blog Posts”

  1. seohno says:

    How about getting links to less remarkable blog posts…?

    I started blogging as an experiment and am starting to enjoy it a little, but can’t say I’ve given it near enough attention to master. My posts are train of thought and mostly quick and dirty, but every once in a while I think I’ve written something that, if not all that informative, is at least mildly amusing. A few have seen a digg trickle and some generate regular traffic, but no comments whatsoever and link love…?

    Bah! I’ve taken a blog of chastity!™

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