Single Point of Failure

“Single Point of failure” is used to describe any point in a system that, if broken, causes the entire system to grind to a halt (fail).

Yesterday, someone contacted me with the following under the title of “I DON”T KNOW WHAT TO DO”

Man, Okay, its like this,
I lost my adsense account 2 months ago, i use to make a killing on adsense, well for me killing is obviously less then what you rake in, i use to make $100k a year from MFA. and then $30k from WH all adsense, there goes my account, only source of income.

My white hat sites are now completely useless as if i put ads on them with the new adsense they get disabled. I cant do scraper because they would disable my account..

I think no problem, i try PPC, its hard, no traffic, and when there is traffic its not converting, im trying hoodia, dating, ringtones….i make probably $70 on $65 i spend.

I started 3 new blogs on used domains, 7+ age, 5, 3 year old domains, they’re indexed, making me $0.5 a day. no real income there either..i think its traffic/links, i buy links, i hire people to get links, okay, a bit more traffic $0.6 cents but it varies so much, sometimes its $2…

at this point i havent gone out in a month, i am developing whitehat sites also about cars and celebs, thats taking time, and I am not making money and i cant make mortgage payments, i am so lost, i dont know what to do..

So i turn to you…ive spent hours and hours reading random blogs and what not and its reading not doing, i hear about people raking in $100k a month now even and its killing me..

Any advice would be great and Id thank you for it forever…that’s if you get around to even reading this.


Just from the above, we see 3 glaring (and tragic) mistakes that should be apparent to even the most casual observer.

The one that jumps out first is “All of my money came from Adsense.”

Why does it only dawn on people after the Adsense spigot has been turned off that maybe, just maybe – that’s a pretty terrible idea? Why does it never occur to these people not to derive all their income from any one source until it’s too late?

Do we need Google to add a damn warning label?

Assume that Tomorrow, you’re biggest source of income is turned off. Do you have a backup plan? Is the backup plan any good?

The 2nd tragic mistake is that not only was all the reader’s money coming from Adsense but it was all coming From THE SAME ADSENSE ACCOUNT! Is it so hard to use telnet and different corporate names to create multiple Adsense Accounts?

Moreover, the reader was doing Black Hat (MFA) and White Hat projects on this one Adsense account. Never do Black Hat and White hat projects on the same accounts. Black Hat stuff get’s banned sometimes. That’s just how things work.

Finally, we see that the reader was making more than $130,000 a year, but now (two months later) “can’t make mortgage payments.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

Get a smaller house and live below your means! Don’t buy so much “stuff.” Get rid of that new car. Save your damn money when you’re making it so that if anything happens, you’re not completely fucked.

Until you have $100,000 or more in Liquid assets, don’t spend more than $40k per year!

If you’re not making at least $60k per year – get a job. I know someone who is about to sell a 9-month old web project that pulls in $20k per month for more than a Million dollars – he has a day job. I know others that are pulling in anywhere from $3k-$30k per month that sill work at fortune 500 companies.

I hope this article makes a dent for some of you; I hope at least some of you read it and learn something that you can take to heart.

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8 Responses to “Single Point of Failure”

  1. brad101 says:

    Oh dear! I think the author of that email is a little narrow-minded too. Surely, with just a few hours or so of research he could have come up with numerous alternatives to Adsense as a revenue model. For instance, mass create splogs and redirect human traffic to a merchant’s site/landing page and split test.

    I have two Adsense accounts and I’ve hammered the fuck out of them! I’ve redirected traffic to fake search-engine-sites with an occasional CTR so ridiculously high, I’m amazed I’ve still got the accounts. But as you suggest, it wouldn’t make any difference to me if I lost them both tomorrow.

  2. That REALLY is just completely retarded. I don’t understand why people do that to themselves. I would diversify in various web properties. I would use separate WH and BH adsense accounts, create auction engines, create sites (build links, drive traffic, etc and dominate the SERPs), directories, large comparison sites with affiliate links, affiliate marketing programs, adult sites, BH sites with automated content, etc. I can’t think of anything else at the moment but I hope those ideas stir convo.

  3. DennisG says:

    The Same hold for Website monetization as with investing. DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS INTO ONE BASKET.

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  5. xslinx says:

    I just wanted to say I’m happy to see that you are writing posts more often. I really like your posts. I’m a greyhat and blackhat is so much fun. Greetz

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