Google Exposing their Flank to Wikipedia

Here’s a favorite topic of greywolf: Wikipedia in Google.

From the NYT Top list from the last 30 days, we searched for the top 15 terms in Google:

Here are the results:

1. harry potter
Wikipedia: 4
2. sex
Wikipedia: 2
3. china
Wikipedia: 1 +2
4. immigration
Wikipedia: 4
5. india
Wikipedia: 1
6. iraq
Wiki: 1+2
7. health
Yahoo: 2, 8, 9
Dmoz: 5
Wiki: none
8. college
NYtimes: 1
Wiki: 2
9. school
10. education
Yahoo: 4
NYtimes: 5
11. recipes
12. bush
Wiki: 1+2
13. cancer
Wiki: 2
14. art
Wiki: 2
15. korea
Wiki: 2+3
Yahoo: 7

The wikipedia came in

1st: 5 times
2nd: 7 times
3rd: 1 time
4th: 2 times
None: 2 times

Now, we have heard that Wikipedia is developing a search engine.

If the wikipedia partners with Firefox or otherwise is able to successfully push their search engine, will Google have to rethink its dependence on the wikipedia? Is this a similar paradigm to IBM and MsDOS?

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7 Responses to “Google Exposing their Flank to Wikipedia”

  1. JeremyL says:

    I don’t see this as a replay of IBM & MsDOS. I instead see this as a replay of something more recent. Yahoo Search powered by Google! Look where that got Google. So if Google creating their own biggest competitor?

  2. […] There are a number of complaints in the SEO sector about high ranking Wikipedia listings found in the Google SERPs. With one spot virtually guaranteed to Wikipedia, competition for the remaining nine placements is that much more difficult. Earlier today, SEO Black Hat posted a list of the 15 top searches done by New York Times readers in the past 30-days. They compared that list with the placement of a Wikipedia listing in Google search results. Here is what they found: (full list: Google Exposing their Flank to Wikipedia) “The wikipedia came in […]

  3. Atilla says:

    Will they end up like the OS/2?

  4. […] Ora, è noto che Wiki sta sviluppando un suo motore di ricerca, Wikia, assolutamente Open Source, pronto a sfidare Google. Lo si può leggere su webmasterpoint, su macitynet e sullo stesso black hat seo. […]

  5. […] Parece que mais gente se incomoda com isso, hoje me deparei com esse artigo que comenta a presença da Wikipedia nas buscas do Google. […]

  6. Muskie says:

    Wikipedia is sometimes wrong, of course the rest of the Google results are sometimes wrong. There have been some minor scandals at the Wikipedia already, it is banned in China, or is frequently banned in China, it is still reliant on volunteer labor, and it needs someone to pay for all its bandwidth. Donationware is far from a sure thing.

    I think Google is safe from the Wikipedia for now and in the near future. If you want to find the answer to something you google it. You don’t immediately go to, is there even a I always google to get to Wikipedia, I do however link to it frequently when I think it has the best information about a topic I am interested in.

    It would be interesting to see if some SEOs could infiltrate Wikipedia, I’m sure some have already tried. I believe I registered and corrected one factual mistake in one article once…

  7. Google bannerà i risultati di Wikipedia?

    In un post datato 12 agosto 2007 e intitolato Google Exposing their Flank to Wikipedia, SEO BlackHat proponeva una riflessione, correlata dei dati di ricerca, per permetterci di ragionare su un semplice, ma ambiguo, grottesco e grosso paradigma che inv…