Webmaster Access in Amsterdam

On September 27th, or a little before then, I’ll be traveling to Amsterdam for the Webmaster Access Show with my wife.

Being the cheap bastard that I am, I would really prefer not to pay the $150 each to get into the show. So, if someone would like to pick up the tab ($300), or can get comp tickets, I’ll set aside a dinner meeting for you in Amsterdam. At the dinner, we can discuss web strategies, SEO, link baiting, making money online, or whatever else you want to talk about.

Additionally, I want to make sure I’m invited to all the best industry parties while I’m there; so if you’re having an industry party, make sure you contact me, send me an invite and put me on the guest list.

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  2. Did this work? I’m worried about you eating in Amsterdam, don’t go hungry! 😛 But seriously – and as a believer of: ‘ask’ and yea shall receive’ – has anyone got in touch with you yet? (I’m in Australia so not much help, I’m afraid). If you do find a sponsor, have them take you to, I think it’s spelt, “Da Waag” – a round building in Zuiderkerk (south church) that was a weighing station centuries ago and is lit by candles. Not cheap, but good food and an interesting experience, or it was a few years ago when I was in Amsterdam. Happy Travels, m’dear. 🙂