Frank Schilling Keynote was Awesome

I didn’t make it to SES Domain Roundtable, but via aaron wall I found Frank Schilling’s Keynote Speech – and it was Awesome. It’s an Hour video, but well worth the watch.

Frank Said he’s “A lot like the people in this room” and I think he’s right. Well, he’s at least a like like the people in the room I’m in now. I could see myself making a similar speech in a similar tone; hopefully he doesn’t take this the wrong way, but Frank’s a lot like me.

An SES highlight that’s making the rounds is Grey Wolf’s powerpoint presentation on paid links: it’s also worth a look. Most everyone who’s anyone in SEO knows that paid links work. Now it seems clear that Google sees Buying and selling links as “Black Hat SEO”. In light of this seemingly steadfast attitude of casting the entire competent SEO community as blackhats, we will probably be expanding our coverage of the paid link market and best outline more best / worst practices for buying and selling links.

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