Dollar Free Fall = Fantastic Price Cuts For Non Americans!

The dollar is getting killed no matter how you measure it. While this may suck for Americans traveling and living overseas, it’s great news for all you non Americans who want to buy products and services that are measured in US Dollars.

Take, for Example, the SEO Black Hat Private forum membership which has been priced at US$100 per month since it launched more than a year ago. Since the dollar is steadily aiming for par value with toilet paper, it now costs considerably less for you non Americans than it did just one year ago.

So . . . while the SEO Black Hat Forum membership cost 78 Euros per month last year, it now costs only 69 Euros per month; that’s an 11%+ discount. It’s even better if you’re a Brazilian: 215 Reals per month last year vs. 175 this year. That’s a whopping 18%+ discount vs last years prices.

You pot smoking hockey lovers are seeing a fantastic 16% discount vs. last years prices; while it cost 112 Canadian Dollars per month last year for a membership, it now cost less than C$94 per month. That’s a savings of almost 2 dime bags per month!

It’s not all that much for you tea sipping wankers. The price per month of our forum has only dropped from 52 Pounds per month to 48 . . . and you really can’t buy shit in London for 4 pounds. Then again, what the hell can you buy there for 48 pounds? A decent meal without alcohol?

But our friends down under gotta be loving the new prices on US Goods And Services. The forum would have cost you 126 kangaroo pelts per month last year, but now will run you only 108. I guess you can use the money you save to pay the new VAT tax that your Prime Minister promised he wouldn’t impose when he ran for reelection.

Take advantage of our misfortune . . . and buy our stuff, please!

Dollar Toilet Paper

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6 Responses to “Dollar Free Fall = Fantastic Price Cuts For Non Americans!”

  1. Gids says:

    So what does a TSW get for £48 a month for month being a fully paid up member of the BH community?

  2. Remo says:

    There is a typo on the link “SEO Black Hat Forum membership ”

  3. matt sandy says:

    Yeah, thanks for rubbing that in.

  4. stresspig says:

    Yeah problem is a lot of us are earning our money in USD…so now in Aust I’m getting raped by your shithouse economy!

  5. rollinj says:

    We don’t sell dime-bags here in canada sucker :p It’s grams or go away..

    Another pot-related money funny that makes it suck to be american:

    You can’t afford our Canadian herb anymore 🙁 Sucks for sales.. but more for us 😀