Better Than Google

Better Than Google.

Want to download a song? An Album? A cover?

Don’t Ask Google.

Maybe you want an ebook: or every ebook from your favorite author.

Don’t ask Google.

Want a PC, Mac, Play Station or Xbox Game? Want it Right Now?

Don’t ask Google.

Want that TV Show you missed? Or to download a movie?

Don’t Ask Google.

To find any of those things, you don’t want Google. You want something better than Google. To get what you want, you probably want to find a torrent. But there are tons of torrent sites, so which one should you search?

How about all of them?

That’s what does. It’s a meta search engine that searches all the top torrent sites and returns the results. It such a simple idea but it’s brilliant. It launched less than a month ago and is already at more than a million searches per day.

And for things you actually want to find and download it’s better than Google.

Flickr could get to be better than Google Image search. Facebook is more often than not a better people search than Google. It seems to me that if anyone is to dethrone Google as King of Search, they should start with search niches where they can deliver results . . .

Better than Google.

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One Response to “Better Than Google”

  1. Brad101 says:

    I intended to blog about my dedicated search experiment (last year) in the seduction niche, but I’ve ‘ended’ my blog… I prefer to stay in the background testing, experimenting, etc.

    Any how, I created a dedicated search engine (using a freely available script) and populated it with numerous hand-picked sites. The search results, for that niche (obviously), were far superior to Google’s! I could find quality articles directly related to my search terms very easily, something which Google fails to do sometimes.

    After much thought, I developed the idea of creating a network of dedicated search engines for reasonably popular niches. But, I won’t be perusing this because of other projects, but good luck to any of your visitors that may. As you’ve mentioned, it certainly has potential.