54 Proven Headlines Templates That Sell

Airport magazine stands – What are they good for? Killing time between flights and showcasing the types of headlines that sell magazines.

If the headlines do not draw people in, these impulse magazines do not get purchased. How does this help you? By analyzing and mimicking what works in magazines headlines in your Blog Post titles you will get more clicks, more reads, more links, and more money.

Below you will find a select list of the 54 Headline templates crafted to help jump start your headline writing success:

100% of ______ you need.
How to _________ in ____ easy steps
________ on Demand
______ from anywhere.
______ from your home.
A marriage of _______ and ___________.
_______ for any occasion
Instant _______
The healing power of ________
______ quiz. How do you measure up?
Mind Blowing _______
Are you out of the Loop about ______?
Don’t _____ without reading this!
(#) Secrets for _______
Need a _____?
The ______ Bible.
Todays _____ are tomorrows _____.
Climb Aboard _____________
______ that will knock your socks off.
Break Free with ______
_____ Breakthroughs!
It pays to _____.
Solve all your _____ needs
The hottest _____ anywhere!
Make _____ work for you
Imagine Yourself _____
Create Your very own _____.
________. Here’s How.
A relaxing way to _____.
Put _____ to work for you!
_____ for Lovers.
The perfect alternative to _____.
Experience the Thrill of _____.
A truly Innovative way to _____.
The (#) essentials for/of _____.
Why now is the right time to ____.
Your _____ Adventure Begins Here
The _____ of your dreams.
For the _____ lover.
_____ for Geeks.
How to Make _____ fun!
The best _____ of all worlds.
The Ultimate ______ guide/list/tour.
The next best thing to _____
(#) ______ that really work!
Stress Free _____.
The last _____ you will ever need.
Design Your own ______.
(#) _____ Secrets You Never Knew
The _____ of the future.
Are you ready for _____?
Take the Guesswork out of _____.
The _____ you always wanted.
The easiest way to _____.

Got a few templates that work great? Drop them in the comment section.

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