“Hot Sex” Spam Bots

This is a story of Hot Sex, Brazil, Spam Bots, and 90,000,000 Youtube Views.

Can a true story get any more perfect for seoblackhat.com?

Here’s the deal. Probably about 18 months ago, a fellow spammer said to me “If you know anyone who will pay to get something to the top of the most viewed in Youtube, let me know. It’s easy, we tested it and it works.” YouTube allows a mere HEAD requests count as page views. With several persistent connections (or a BotNet or however you want to slice it), you can give someone hundreds of views a second without using a lot of bandwidth. Spamming Youtube works, it’s easy, it’s been done.

But no one has spammed views on the scale done for this clip, Brazilian Rock band Cansei de Ser’s “Music is my Hot Sex”. The spambots were working overtime on this one and have helped this video rack up more than 96,000,000 views.

That makes “Music is my Hot Sex” the most watched clip ever, ever, ever (like in forever ever).

How do we know it’s a spambot network? Well, they didn’t follow up their view-count spam with a review, comment spam or recommend spam campaign. That means that while the average number of viewers-to-user-ratings for the other top 10 videos of all time is around 600:1, this Brazilian video has about a 13,700:1 ratio. It had been at a 22,000:1 ratio before it got all this publicity.

If we use that ratio to back out how many people actually viewed this video, we see that it still has about 4.2 Million or so legitimate viewings. All the fake views created publicity that drove real views. It’s like a fake crowd (and nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd).

Meanwhile, Google (youtube’s owner) had this to say:

“We don’t condone efforts to affect the integrity of our video rankings or view counts. We are looking into this matter and will take appropriate action when we resolve the investigation.”

As with many other forms of spam, like the subdomain spam from a couple years back, blog-rolling around 2003 and meta-tag spamming before it, when you’re one of the first to truely abuse a ranking mechanic the windfalls can be enormous.

The only reason to believe that it has this many hits are two words, “Hot Sex.” It’s possible a record number of people were disappointed after searching for “hot sex” and getting this music video. They quickly carried on in their search for porn without bothering to comment.

After all, tons of people do search for Hot Sex.

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