Daisy Chain Your Diggs

So obvious, simple and brilliant – I wish I thought of it. DaveN chimes in with the hot sauce on messing with Digg.

1) The 301 redirect to another page.

Basically you 301 the page that’s been dugg to another page, with a Digg button, because most people Digg after they have left Digg and landed on your page

2) The wrong Digg button

basically you just replace the digg button on the landing page to another digg page. I have seen this method used very very well. you get your “5 cool things about firefox” on the front page of digg then on the landing page you put a digg button to you next upcoming article.

3) the on-exit

small bit of JS so when they leave the page it Digg’s it for you

Very nice.

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3 Responses to “Daisy Chain Your Diggs”

  1. MORO says:

    I wonder if that, “small bit of JS” can be found in the forums. 🙂

  2. Lyndoman says:

    Google has a nasty habit of banning websites which 301, so make sure you do this with a throwaway. There are a few other tricks to dance the 301 mambo with digg, just a case of being creative.

  3. […] The popular BlackHat blogger QuadsZilla had even blogged about DaveN’s blog on ‘messing with Digg’ . What this does is spark interest, and we’re not talking about the interest to get creative and constructive. A lot of people read these blog posts and think that if these guys are doing it, why shouldn’t they, which leads to the practice of going about getting Diggs the wrong way. The funny thing here is, you’re not only cheating Digg you’re cheating your loyal readers! By doing such acts, as creating a 301 redirect, you’re simple misleading your readers. […]