Stolen From Some Schlep for Just $2.6 Million

From Slashdot:

the domain name was sold for a ridiculous $2.6m bucks. Can there be a bubble and a recession at the same time, or do the two cancel each other out like Penn & Teller?

Here’s a recent picture of the submitter:

Get a brain Morans!

$2.6 Million is Ridiculous . . . ridiculously low.

Any big brand that didn’t buy it (Pizza Hut, Dominos) missed the boat. Even without being in the pizza industry, it’s easy to see how to turn into a huge business.

Some (like the slashdot subby) balk at the price but whoever bought for just $2.6 Million basically stole it. That’s so cheep for such an incredible domain name that I almost feel bad for the guy that sold it. Fortunately, he’s absolutely ecstatic about the price – so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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3 Responses to “ Stolen From Some Schlep for Just $2.6 Million”

  1. […]  Speculate oportunities while working your ass off or doing blackhat seems to be the best combo but you need to be informed all the time, have the money to invest and be one hell of a salesperson. But things are not impossible, one recent example being the acquisition of and like QuadsZilla was saying…. well it was sold for too less or practically stolen. […]

  2. Acidifie says:

    You say this domain name was cheap. I don’t think so.
    As I explained on my weblog (sorry, it’s in french) : I think this domain is worthless.
    Why could become a huge business, rather than some other domain name, less expansive and more small, more personalized ?
    Yes, in the world, everybody knows how to write “pizza”, but everybody knows how to write “lako” or “lola” or … and with a big marketing campaign, “” could being a huge business too!
    So, is worthless, for me.

  3. Nipperkin says:

    Acidfire, I disagree. With folks like papa john’s putting a ton of money into their online ordering system…think about how much $$$$$$$ they get from telling people to just type in and PLUS they sell leads that are out of region to the hut or dominos…just the branding authority alone is huge!