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CNet is being bought by CBS for $1.8 Billion.

Carl Icahn is going to stage a proxy fight to fire the Yahoo board – the Wall street Journal describes his interesting option play. Wouldn’t it be funny if he got a whole new board and then Microsoft said “No, seriously, we are not going to buy your PoS company anymore.”

According to this, analysis has shown that the presence of Tech stories on Digg has halved every year for the past 3 years. So what will the percentage of tech stories in most popular be in March 2009 compared with March 2008? If the current rate of halving continues it will be around 9%.

And shoemoney is calcanizing the SEO community with his Definition of SEO and beating the SEO is gonna be dead soon drum. SEO will die soon after people stop wanting to rank higher than they deserve to in the search engines. Never is a long time, but . . .

Blogging has been lite nonexistent this past week because my mental energy has been sapped. I let myself get a little fat lately and have take the proper diet and exercise steps to get back into shape. While it is effective for fat loss to be at a 2000 calorie per day deficit, it sucks for trying to think. I’ve lost 9 lbs in the last 12 days, but I feel like that’s been about 9 lbs of brain matter.

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4 Responses to “Top Stories”

  1. ddn says:

    Dude don’t do a 2k calorie deficit. That’s a recipe for disaster. Even 1k is too much. Stick to a 40/40/30 diet with a (strict) 500 calorie deficit and lose it in a healthy way.

  2. waraas says:

    Dont give shoeguy any links!!! that is what he is wanting!!!

  3. Everyone’s metabolism differs of course, but for what it’s worth I’ve found a generally vegetarian diet works well as long as one doesn’t end up binging on carbs.

  4. “I emailed a bunch of people in the industry and asked “What is your definition of SEO?”.” – Shoemoney.

    Could he not just do a search for the definition on Google? WHAT A NOB JOCKEY!