1st SEOktoberfest Photos and Reactions Are In

Marcus has a quick writeup with links to the pics on flickr.

Also, some of the first responses are in:


what I can say is that this was the best SEO-event that I have participated in to date. Permanently interesting and focused people who want to get things moving, a perfect organization (my thanks go to Phillip, again) and great planning on the part of Quadszilla and Mediadonis.

Nerd Girl in Skirt

I can only say that this was the greatest, inspiring, most amazing, brainfucking event I’ve ever been.


It was the most ingenious feast which I have experienced so far.

Quality Nonsense

SEOktoberfest was the opposite of most webmaster conferences: no BS, no fakers, no newbies, no self-promotion. Just 25 or so serious internet entrepreneurs from the four corners of the world.

I’ve never been to any webmaster conference where people speak so frankly: how they make money online, which traffic tricks work now, which strategies will pay off longer term.

I met people driving more traffic in a day than some of my sites get in a year. I met the man whose site took 5% of Google.de’s traffic at one point. I saw huge deals signed on a BlackBerry screen at 5am.

Pano 360

As a paying participant I can honestly say, the SEOktoberfest of the 24/25 September was a absolute success story. . . . from my point of view the 5’000 Euros were just the perfect filter which led to it, that we had highly motivated participants registered. Quality has its price, right?

So, yea – it was amazing.

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5 Responses to “1st SEOktoberfest Photos and Reactions Are In”

  1. karthikeyan says:

    🙂 thanks for the photos. I am sure you all guys(also girls 😉 had a great time there.

  2. Sasha says:

    I really wanted to go, damn it Quad, it’s all your fault I didn’t.

  3. […] After crushing it at Oktoberfest, the cries for “more, More, MORE” keep getting louder and louder for another VIP SEO bash. While another SEOktoberfest next year is a near certainty at this point, I’ve decided to host another event during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. […]

  4. […] Dupa succesul avut la Seo Oktoberfest QuadsZilla se pregateste atat de un sequel cat si de un afterparty de data asta in Brazilia. Eventul va lua loc in timpul Carnavalului din Rio de Janeiro. Brazilia ar fi un loc in care lumea stie sa se distreze: Living in Brazil these last four year has proven one thing for certain; Brazilians know how to party like no one else – and Carnival is their biggest party of the year. […]

  5. blooger says:

    Hi Quad,

    great Pics from the Octoberfest… we had a blast here in Colombia also, take a look:
    Now that you are doing the next conference in Rio, I hope Colombia will be a future destination also 😉

    Saludos de Medellin,

    Andre (the german guy from Beijing…)