Why I Won’t Vote for Obama (and Why You Shouldn’t Either)

First, I’m going to quote 3 sources who are ideologically opposed to Obama – Including Fox News. Then I’m going to outline what’s wrong with Obama. Finally, I’ll give you solid reasons why you should vote the way I’m going to vote.

Sound Boring? It’s not. Read on . . .

First we have The Economist. A publication that is certainly right leaning on economic policies:

on the great issue of the campaign, the financial crisis, [McCain] has seemed all at sea, emitting panic and indecision. Mr McCain has never been particularly interested in economics, but, unlike Mr Obama, he has made little effort to catch up or to bring in good advisers (Doug Holtz-Eakin being the impressive exception).

The choice of Sarah Palin epitomised the sloppiness. It is not just that she is an unconvincing stand-in, nor even that she seems to have been chosen partly for her views on divisive social issues, notably abortion. Mr McCain made his most important appointment having met her just twice.

Next we have Fox New’s Neil Cavuto. I’ve liked him back from the days he was on CNBC and I was a stock broker (which was like 13 years ago!) – He’s a sharp guy who does solid interviews and analysis; Including this:

Then we have Reason Magazine, a Libertarian publication:

The truth is, unless you vote for a third-party candidate (which really isn’t a bad idea), you don’t have much of a choice this November. You can either endorse the idea of a massive, invasive, ever-encroaching federal government that’s used to promote center-left ideology, or you can endorse the idea of a massive, invasive, ever-encroaching federal government that’s used to promote center-right ideology.

Which brings me back to why the Republicans need to get throttled: A humiliated, decimated GOP that rejuvenates and rebuilds around the principles of limited government, free markets, and rugged individualism is really the only chance for voters to possibly get a real choice in federal elections down the road.

Now I agree whole heartedly with all of the above. McCain needs to lose. But the truth is, he’s going to lose anyway. In fact, he’s going to get throttled like he deserves. It’s gonna be a landslide.

The Obama presidency will help dispel the Myth that America is still a racist, intolerant society. I’ve been to 34 countries now, and with the exception of possibly Brazil, the US is on the whole the least racist of any of them; this election will help prove that to ourselves and the world. Obama’s charismatic, will help our image with the world, and he’s consistent.

The problem, of course, is that he’s consistently wrong:
He voted for expanding the Patriot Act / FISA.
He voted for the $700 Billion Bank Bailout.
He will expand the size and scope of government.
He supports the War on Drugs.
He supports the “War on Terror”.
He supports the status quo on the Federal Reserve.
He wants to use government to redistribute wealth away from the most productive people in our society (here comes a 60%+ top marginal tax rate!).
On almost every issue, if there’s a government “solution” (and I use that term lightly) Obama is in favor of it.

Still. McCain needs to lose. If it were close at all, I would favor voting for Obama if you lived in FL, OH, PA, CO, NH, or IN. There used to be a case for voting for Obama if you lived in one of the “Swing States”. But he’s already going to win a majority (if not all) of them anyway.

Now I say, no matter what state you live in, you should vote for a 3rd party candidate. It’s the first and only step down the long road of hopefully one day breaking the 2 party, no choice, stranglehold on American Politics. My choice would be the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr, or writing in Ron Paul where possible. But I’d rather see a vote for any 3rd party candidate than for either of the two Major Party Candidates.

McCain’s gonna lose anyway. Vote the only way you can to make a difference this election. Vote for a 3rd party Candidate.

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14 Responses to “Why I Won’t Vote for Obama (and Why You Shouldn’t Either)”

  1. groneg says:

    The disaster that the next president is going to inherit is monumental. It would pretty much take the 2nd coming of Moses as US President to repair the state we’re in right now.

    Do you really believe that either candidate will push the country farther down the brink?

  2. georgiecasey says:

    “…the US is on the whole the least racist of any of them…”

    As a European who’s been in most countries in Europe and the US loads of times, that is definitely true. I remember a school tour in Sweden in 2002 at the back of the schoolbus listening to a rousing rendition of ‘The White man marches on’

  3. ruug says:

    it’s PA

  4. QuadsZilla says:

    I knew that looked wrong. Senility rearing it’s ugly head again. Thanks. fixed.

  5. Hmmmm 18ish months down the line and we have the same problem in the UK. Not saying it will be obvious who will win, far from it. But yep, 2 dog race, as always. Nothing new though, is it? However, I don’t know about 3rd parties in the US, I don’t look in to your politics in depth enough to question what you say, but meh, our 3rd party hand out is the Lib Dems… Or even worse, the good olé racist British National Party – which could actually happen due to the amount of f’Ups this goverment makes with immigrant policies and how they police the influx of refugees/illegals etc.

    I don’t hate/descriminate against anyone who flees their country for the UK, but I do not live our goverment going above and beyond to make them overly welcome ££££££££. Lopsided equality – love it.

  6. QuadsZilla says:

    We have the Libertarian Party in the US.


    I’m not aware of anything like it in Europe.

  7. rjonesx says:

    Sorry Quadzilla, but you are wrong on this one. You have fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the Republican talking points that are designed just with independent’s like yourself in mind.

    1. “McCain is going to lose anyway”: Apparently, you haven’t been paying attention to US Politics over the last 8 years. In 2000, for only the second time in history, a President was selected who did not win the popular vote. Since that time, the voter purging and use of untrustworthy e-voting machines have only increased. Again, in 2004, we saw that the polls greatly over-estimated Kerry’s chances.

    2. The Bradley Effect: If you are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to people making more publicly acceptable claims in polls, but actually voting in a bigoted manner when in the booth. We did not see the Bradley Effect impact Obama when it was only Democrats voting in primaries – but in the national election Obama will need independents’ votes who may be predisposed to support a white candidate without the middle name Hussein when they finally step behind the curtain.

    3. It shows your naive understanding of the process in that you are willing to attack candidates who are able to accept their own political realities while still trying to push the envelope. Unlike Ron Paul, who has never accomplished a single thing,

    4. In the past several decades, it has been Republicans who have grown both our deficit and government size. Under that Tax-and-Spend liberal Bill Clinton, we cut welfare rolls in half, enjoyed a balanced budget and then tax-surpluses, and shrunk the overall size of government relative to the economy.

    5. Warren Buffet wagered $1 million against all fortune 500 CEO’s that not a single one of them could prove they have a higher tax burden than their own secretaries. To date, no Fortune 500 CEO has stepped forward. In reality, over the last 28 years the tax burden now falls more heavily upon the middle and lower-middle class than it does upon the wealthy, while inequality continues to grow. At this point, a Flat Tax would actually be more fair to the middle class, considering how lopsided our loophole system has turned in favor of the wealthy. I will see increases in my taxes, as will many people in my family, but we are all voting for Obama. We are already redistributing the wealth – it is just that at the moment we are redistributing it up in corporate welfare and bailouts.

    6. As a thoughtful, intelligent person, I figured by now that you would have understood the political realities that an elected official must face. You may think that drugs should be legalized, but you recognize the reality of what could happen to you if you light up in the middle of a restaurant – so you don’t. In the same way, Barack Obama and other well-meaning politicians recognize that voting against the PATRIOT Act or a bailout means they can stay another day and fight for things like getting us out of Iraq or supporting SCHIP. There is a reason why Ron Paul ranks 174th in effectiveness in the House despite his seniority — http://www.congress.org/congressorg/power_rankings/power_card.tt?id=567. Hell, Ron Paul isn’t even in the Top 10 Representatives in his own state of Texas. Dr. No is a Gimmick for which you have fallen.

    7. In many states, you can’t even vote for a 3rd party (write-ins are discarded). Way to be awesome and tell your readers to go and vote in a way that will literally result in their votes being thrown away.

    At the end of the day, you can be 1 of 2 people. You can be the person who chooses to pick a team in the Phillies vs. the Rays even though your favorite team (go Braves) didn’t make it to the championship. Or, you can be the idiot who roots for a team that isn’t even in the game.

    If you want to support 3rd parties – fine with me – but do it before the final election. Go get ballot signatures. Donate to your favorite candidate. Canvas, call, etc. But now that there are only 2 – you do have a choice.

  8. Pagespank says:

    “Vote for a 3rd party Candidate” – didn’t work so well in Florida 2000 did it?

  9. QuadsZilla says:

    When Obama wins by More than 100 Electorial Votes, will you come back and concede that I was right?

  10. rjonesx says:

    Will I concede that you were right that McCain was going to lose anyway? Sure. Will I concede that Obama’s ensured victory is a good argument to go out and vote for a 3rd party? No.

  11. QuadsZilla says:

    If you are happy with Obama or McCain, then by all means vote for one of them. If you’re like me, however, and think a choice between:

    A) a massive, invasive, ever-encroaching federal government that’s used to promote center-left ideology,
    B) a massive, invasive, ever-encroaching federal government that’s used to promote center-right ideology.

    is like asking if you’d rather have your left nut cut off or take a hot poker in the eye, then say “no, neither of those choices appeals to me. Next time, if you want my vote, put up someone who represents LESS government.”

    The argument is not that an Obama victory is a reason to vote 3rd party. The arguement is don’t vote for Obama (or McCain) if they overwhelmingly support an ideology that you reject.

  12. hogswine says:

    Logically, I think it’s more like a choice between getting your left nut cut off, or your right nut.

    Personally, I’d go with the right nut. I think the left nut is the important one.

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  14. ravenmasterson says:

    To hogswine, logically, you can’t lessen the importance of something this grave to an analogy between nuts. The rights of all of us is at stake. As a matter of fact, I wrote in my blog of how both party candidates were backed by the same donors, which can be backed by a quick find through a goggle search. How can they back two supposedly different running oppenents with drastically different idealogies? That’s it, they are one in the same! Bingo. So reaserach more before throwing in the hat. They want you to to think you don’t have a third party choice so that you won’t pick a third party candidate and keep the oppression going. To the poster of the blog above, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have a whole blog on what really runs Obama (and the government as a whole) at We need more voices like this at this critical point. Biden even warned of an international crisis to take place 250 days after Obama has been inaugerated. I think we will look back at the Bush days in nostalgia in contrast to the things that will happen and progress as we go along in the future.