Is this against Google’s Quality Guidelines?

My offer is this:
I want you to create a new page on your site.
I will send you a gambling related article with my links on it that will be
on the new page.
I wish that this page will have only my links on it with no other external
Also I wish that this page will have a link from all the pages on the site.
Please let me know what you think and how much will it cost to me.
Best regards,

Apparently it is, or this wouldn’t be “funny.”

Would this email be OK?

Dear Webmaster,

I would like to place ads on your site based on keywords and phrases on your pages. These ads will be 3 lines long (about 12-25 words) and include a link to our partner sites.


What’s your take?

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7 Responses to “Honeypot”

  1. underworld says:

    Its a hypocrisy :/

  2. Sasha T. says:

    Well, if you place your ads inside of JavaScript I think that Matt Cutts would be fine with that. Not that I’m defending Google here… Actually what is it that is so wrong in link buying? Oh yeah, big companies could be making more and more websites and grab all the money just by buying links right? Some of them even buy websites for 34m$ because of Google rankings… this is the only wrong thing in link buying if you ask me…


  3. I get these emails from SEO companies all the time (on behalf of clients).

    To answer your question though, I couldn’t give a flying puck if it was against Google’s Quality Guidelines… but it must be, surely? ie, buying/selling links – but oHhHh, that debate could go on and on in to what IS & ISN’T buying links.

    I mean hell, surely I’ve just purchase a link by doing this comment. Well, it cost me my time anyway.

    However, for the people who do this, if you are ‘tarded enough to email Matt for such a thing, you deserve a drop in the SERPs! Ermmm unless… Hmmm, I put it to YOU good sir, that YOU sent that email to him… testing the waters so to speak? Wait.. ohh… that’s given me an idea, hmm.

    Question; I’m intrigued to why you titled this blog, ‘Honeypot’?

    That is all,

  4. QuadsZilla says:

    Well, if you were Google and trying to catch people who do this, would you rely on someone being ignorant enough to email Matt?

    Or would you own 100 sites in the top 100,000 under various registrations?


  5. renesisx says:

    I’m with QuadsZilla here. Who knows where Google “hang out”? I’m sure they have “spies” everywhere. For instance, they probably pay a bunch of people to write blogs that take post requests from places like SponsoredReviews – that way they know who is buying reviews.

    If I was Google, I would set up tons of honeypots.

    They’ve won with me though – I’ve had enough experience that I only get “legitimate” links now. And by that, I simply mean I don’t buy them or trade them or anything like that anymore. I just try to aquire them as naturally as possible. It’s pointless for me to make Google angry. So their FUD works on me.

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  7. DrLinkLove says:

    I wonder if the email came to Matt’s mattcutts.com email or was forwarded from honeypot.com?

    Not that I doubt he gets link spam on a PR7 blog – but I’m with ya on the conspiracy.