Adwords by Browser Type or OS?

Can I target my adwords buy to include only one type of OS or Browser type? I see where I can target mobile devices, but beyond that . . . am I just missing the option and it’s right there in front of me?

Let’s say I’m selling an application and only want to target Safari users or those on the OSX platform – can I do that with Adwords? Can I do it with Yahoo’s Advertising platform?

Has anyone done this with adwords?

Can one of my loyal Google-Employee readers help me with this?

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7 Responses to “Adwords by Browser Type or OS?”

  1. S0uther says:

    Up until a few days ago the answer would be a flat ‘NO’. Recently however Google Adwords added a feature to target by mobile OS (other than WAP/xhtml/chtml); specifically if you wanted to allow your Campaign to be served to those who were running a mobile OS but a browser which still identified itself as a full ‘screen’ device. Today this would be only the iPhone and the G1. Other then this option (which is available in the Campaign options only), there is no way to segment and serve ads only to a certain OS and/or Browser type. The Google suggested way to handle this is to only target keyword phrases which would qualify the user, include text in your ad which would inform the user of the requirements, and/or serve up a different offer by doing your own User Agent sniffing on the page/server.

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    That’s what I thought: Hey Google! That’s weak. Fix it!

    I want to sell an apple application and don’t want to pay for Windows surfers. The price people (like me) will pay per click will be higher. Same if I were selling a windows app – I wouldn’t buy the ads for OSX surfers, and therefore would have more money to spend per click.

  3. QuadsZilla says:

    The same thing goes for browser type: if I’m promoting a Windows Toolbar, I don’t want firefox surfers and certainly don’t want Safari surfers.

    Oh – and does the same thing hold for Yahoo?

  4. This is an exceptionally good idea, QZ. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m surprised that Google hasn’t thought to implement this before. I can think of a few ways this could be misused, but the value to software and plug-in developers would considerably outweigh any negative consequences that I can foresee.

  5. QuadsZilla says:

    Taking it further, Maybe I just want to decide that Apple users are willing to spend more money for quality than windows users. If they bought a Mac, they will probably be less turned on by ‘cheap’ as a keyword than your average user.

  6. Conference targeting by geo-location and OS. Targeting more general terms like “video editor,” “new computer,” and “RAM upgrade” to the appropriate audience. Oddly enough, just yesterday someone purchased an application from us that explicitly states that it only runs on OS X. A few minutes later he contacted me asking why he wasn’t able to open the files. It isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Perhaps if I had the ability to target the right users, the customer’s experience would have been a positive one and we wouldn’t have paid for the click that might have lead to such assumptions.

  7. Andrew Johnson says:

    You could have your own website recognize the OS and if the visitor is not using that OS display a landing page pushing a comparable product for the visitors OS. Won’t work so well for very specialized software but for the big markets there should be lots of alternatives.