16 Day to SEO de Janeiro

Above is a classic clip of the Govenator on Carnival in Rio.

The Mansion Pool Party is booked and ready to go. The conference room with a beach view at a 5 star hotel is all set.

The food, the transportation, the VIP at the best clubs: all taken care of.

The Brazilian models are set to party with us at the discos and for the boat trip.

But the thing that I’m most excited about is meeting with the amazing people that are attending. No sales reps. No armchair SEOs. No posers. No people their just trying to sell you their crap. It’s 100% people that are really kicking ass on the web.

That’s what made SEOktoberfest so amazing. That’s where all the hard work of putting these events together pays off. That’s where that filter of a 5k euro cover really separates the ones who blog about making money from the ones who actually do.

28 people are confirmed for the trip. The event is booked for 30. So there are 2 more slots available.

Imagine yourself in 2 weeks at a VIP conference during the biggest party on earth: Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Are your current plans for Feb 20-23 better than that?

Contact me now to grab one of the last two slots.

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