Twitter – The New Parasite Host on the Block

I hate twitter. But as long as twitter pages continue to rank in Google for everything under the sun, you’re a fool if you’re not using twitter accounts for parasite hosting.

For you new kids, parasite hosting is where you leverage the trust of an over trusted domain to rank in the SERPs and drive targeted traffic to your landing page. You do this on twitter by including the keywords in the username and pointing some external link juice at it.

Better jump on this one while it lasts. Because honestly, there is no reason at all that a page should ever be in the SERPs if the query does not include the word “twitter”. Every one of those SERPs is right now of the absolute lowest quality you can find. And is it any surprise? I mean, has anything interesting every been tweeted better than it was stated elsewhere?

Google won’t overlook this forever . . . but it will probably last at least a few more months. So in the meantime, start ranking for every keyword under the sun and redirecting those clicks to your landing pages. It’s so easy to spam with twitter as your host right now that a retwarded blind midget could do it.

Jump on it now and get paid . . . and don’t say I never gave you anything for free 🙂

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13 Responses to “Twitter – The New Parasite Host on the Block”

  1. just Guido says:

    Yeah registered a few myself, but still need to put them to work. Going to give it a go tonight. It’s surprising that so many ‘hot’ Twitter names are still available.

    What’s your take on Wikipedia rankings? ;-D

  2. Same for me too, I hate Twitter – not only because it’s full of a bunch of twits, but yeah – it is the latest online cesspool of garbage.

    Maybe Google are wanting it ranking highly due to over-trust before they purchase it. But to be honest, I’m yet to see Twitter come up for any keyword rankings via the G Datacentre I’m accessing from. Maybe you’re living in a Twitter lovers haven, Quads?

  3. sphinnsucks says:

    Aaron Wall referenced the idea of Black-Hole SEO when describing Twitter and wasting your PageRank with Twitter… As he pointed out Twitter search ranks top 10 in Google for “Superbowl” …

    Google must love Twitter b/c

    1. That’s a search result page (
    2. No toolbar PR, it’s in front of one with a toolbar PR of 5

  4. Oh and further more… I’m just chuckling because I’ve just been creating some new Twitter accounts to go with a few new sites and I just refreshed all my accounts and they’ve all got at least 10 followers.

    Spam-a-licious! :-/

    What software, if any, does anyone use, just out of interest?

  5. […] I saw Quadzilla posted today about parasite hosting on twitter. Hopefully, that hasn’t eluded you, aside from other methods of finding places to parasite host all you need to look for are trusted domains that allow you to post content with little moderation. Even a basic search for Viagra shows that the #2 position is essentially a parasite hosted page on the hotfroguk directory (thanks Ryan for your dedication in trawling Viagra results). […]

  6. Ashley says:

    RtnOfTeaSipping – I’ve been using my_twitter.php which I got right from Twitter’s API page. I just modified it a bit so that I can do a search for a given term, then grab all the people who’ve tweated about that term and then I add those people to my account – and about 20% or so add me back. Then I remove all the non-followers, rinse and repeat. I set it on a cronjob so it’s easy as hell and it’s working pretty well for many of my blogs.

    What have other people been doing to boost their Twitter accounts? I’d be curious to hear how others are growing their accounts.

  7. parterburn says:

    I’d appreciate if Ashley could go into a bit more detail and possibly give some examples of specifically how she modified my_twitter for searches and what tools she uses to easy batch-follow those people as well as the tool used to clean the account of non-followers. Thanks!

  8. QuadsZilla says:

    We had someone at SEO de Janeiro get shown that trick on Friday (when he had 1200 followers) and then 24 hours later, he had 2200 followers.

  9. borsodas says:

    twitter ads a rel=”me nofollow” tag, might this hurt the seo value of the link? wtf is it?

  10. borsodas says:

    i got banned from sphinn for gaming their comments today. feel kind of guilty about it, i was going to tell them.

  11. Vim82 says:

    Great opportunity to get your page ranks up, use this while you can it’ll only be a matter of time until Google catch on with this loophole. Although twitter is used for socialising by asking questions, how many people actually have a twitter account and do they find it useful?

  12. I must say, I’ve been using FeedWordPress (WP plugin) on my WordPress blog and hooking it up to RSS search queries for certain keywords on… but has anyone tried looping?

    For example, you set up a blog, add FeedWordPress then you also set up a Twitter account. Also add a Twitter plugin that automatically updates your Twitter from your blog. Voila, the keywords from your blog, go in to your Twitter account, your keywords you RSS the search query in Twitter and kabam, a constant loop of data between blog and Twitter… andddd gets you in to ‘Current Twitter Trends’?

    Not tried, just theory. But has anyone had a go at it?