“What if everyone whose account was canceled sued Google?”

Why I Sued Google (and Won) – Aaron Greenspan

“But it’s not fair!” Google’s paralegal protested. “What if everyone whose account was canceled sued Google?”

It’s a valid question. Yet until Google changes its policies to become more transparent, which might also reassure skeptics that AdWords and AdSense, which have oddly limited reporting capabilities, aren’t just two sides of the same ponzi scheme (for why else would one want to terminate legitimate accounts with high monthly liabilities when they’re supposed to be making money for Google on each click?)–I will give this answer:

Maybe everyone whose account was canceled, should.

Solid article and worth a read.

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7 Responses to ““What if everyone whose account was canceled sued Google?””

  1. sphinnsucks says:

    Pyrrhic victory?

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    Not exactly . . . more like a consolation prize.

  3. svarog says:

    That’s a very useful piece of article for me, specially that I’m currently fighting google to get my 17,000$ back.

  4. QuadsZilla says:

    most states have a small cliams max of 3k or 5k dollars. You may have to go to regualr court for that amount + they would have real lawyers there.

  5. karthikeyan says:

    “The End Begins”.

  6. MyInternetBusiness says:

    Go for It. would love it if you could win

  7. Vim82 says:

    If you won, you would hit the headlines!!