Spammy Links Are Good For . . .

After reading Kamihr’s Story Yesterday, You may be wondering why you would ever want to use spammy links or a link spamming tool. So today we’ll cover 2 of the ways spammy links can be useful.

When you throw thousands of spammy links at a Web Page over the course of a few days, 2 things are very likely to happen:

1. A Burst Upwards in the SERPs for a Few Days

Followed By

2. A Decline in overall site Trust / Rankings / Search Traffic

Now think critically: How could you benefit from each of those effects?

Let’s take the first effect first:

How could you benefit by having a Page Rank Number 1 for a few days for very competitive terms?

That’s easy enough: if you rank for competitive terms, you can cash in through affiliate offers, PPC or direct sales. But if it’s not worth it to risk your site’s long-term trust for those quick gains, how can we use those links?


The Parasite Host

Fortunately we don’t have to risk our White Hat Site’s reputation or Trust. There are Hundreds of thousands of place on the Net where you can upload, edit, or create your own pages. Some obvious examples are or Blogger. Any place where you can put your content and leach off of someone else’s trust is called a parasite host.

The Best Parasite hosts incidentally are usually Pages on University Websites (those sweet .edu TLDs).

Find the hosts that have not already been discounted too heavily, upload your landing page, spam your links and profit. Who cares if the site only stays at #1 for a few days? A few days should be all you need. In the meantime, you are repeating the process elsewhere.

The 2nd part of the problem: How could we benefit from having links that we spam take down the rank of a website?


Google Bowling

If spamming links will bring down a site’s rankings, then I want my competitors to have spammy links. If they rank lower, I’ll rank higher. Why not point that tool you just picked up at a competitors throat?

This part of the equation is trickier than the first. Some sites just have too much trust to ever be banned. If you spam links at them, they will just rank better.

Large Companies who want to manage the top 10 Google results for a term are paying in the $500k – $3 Million range per year for the service. I know people who perform this service and do it well. It’s worth it to many companies for you never to find out about that lawsuit or claim that is currently ranking #4 in Google.

It’s actually rather complicated to control the top 10 results. I don’t want you walking away from this article thinking you can own the top 10 results for any SERP just by Google bowling your competitors with off the shelf software.

But in Kahmir’s Example, his competitors (many of them) had a similar number of natural links. If he would have pointed that Chainsaw at his competitors, I’d bet dollars to donuts that he’d be ranking higher than them today.

That covers some of what to do with huge bursts of spamming links. Tomorrow I’ll go over how to intelligently use spammy links to build up your white hat link farm (or link onion or Link Pyramid – whatever you wanna call it!)

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7 Responses to “Spammy Links Are Good For . . .”

  1. birzu.sergiu says:

    Great post Quadszilla. This is the stuff we’re used to read both on the blog and especially on the forum.
    I like the Google Bowling idea because when it comes to your brand name you don’t really want a #3-4 result which says company X sucks and uses spammy techniques to gain rankings.

    There was this one case with Serenata flowers – read more here which involved some spamy techniques and a very high ranking for Serenata flowers which said how much they suck lol.

    That guy was helped by his friends (with a few authority domains) and really made them look bad… I know they could have invested a lot of money to fix the problem but i think apologizing is a solution also. Too bad you can’t nuke those DAMN WIKI PAGES !!!

  2. protheus99 says:

    You have been away a long time, and throughout this time i kept you on my rss feed cause i knew you would come back with something like this.

    I hope that not many people read this and even less do it because it works so well now, posts like these are really double edged swords.

    Anyways this series is pretty good i will keep an eye out for part 3, how about doing some post on adult seo once in a while.

  3. RobertShew says:

    Thank you for this post. I’ve spent my career trying to be a white-hat SEO. Your blog has really opened my mind to other things.

    Let’s say, I have a competitor who dominates my niche. Most of his back links are from Pay Per Post Blogging. If I pointed this tool/technique at his domain and used the worst spam words as anchor text, could that shoot him down in Google?


  4. QuadsZilla says:

    Birzu: Companies are paying big money to have SERPs managed for the Brands: because the ROI for them is off the charts. If you’re brand is worth in the billions of dollars, there’s no excuse not protecting that brand in Google SERPs with a few million per year.

  5. QuadsZilla says:

    RobertShew : Too many variables to answer that question. Obviously, if your competitor is Amazon, you’re not going to get their site banned with a few spammy links. Careful about spamming links to a competior – you just might help them rank better.

  6. Sanjay says:

    You have really gave good knowledge by this post. Its pretty good post.

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