A Call For More Questions

I’ve gone through most of the questions that were asked and now I’m looking for more. Two things are required to keep this blog going: 1) Motivation (which i’ve been pretty good with this month) and 2) Topics.

The well is starting to run dry as far as what to blog about in the SEO space; what do you need help with? What questions do you want answered?

If you want me to go the offtopic rout and link to things like the theory that time is slowing down and will someday stop or this article that shows has a pic of Endeavour and ISS as it transits across the sun
Endevour and the Sun
I can do that. But I have a feeling that most of you would rather me blog about SEO topics. If that’s the case, then please fire away a new set of questions.

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23 Responses to “A Call For More Questions”

  1. I’d like to propose you cover a “blackhat” topic in the sense that it is taboo to talk about much: true-blue adult site SEO (which would probably also cover other taboo verticals such as gambling). It seems no one in the white hat / gray hat world wants to even address topics which have to deal with porn. And since porn and related sites are supposedly untrusted, or worse discriminated against, by some of the main sources of seeded trust and authority, what other vertically relevant techniques can be used instead or in-place of the general SEO advice.

  2. ket says:

    you’ve never talked about:

    – flash and seo;
    – main differences and characteristics of seo in different countries (usa VS brazil for example);
    – the last bad action that a big company made in the seo world?;

    oh well, not great topics/ideas, i reckon, but at least i gave it a try 🙂


    ps – might be a double comment..

  3. stilllearning says:

    Do you have a favorite type/format for a “2nd Level of Pyramid” site?

  4. errerr says:

    What’s your experience w/ spamming Bing so far? Esp since Yahoo search will soon be powered by Bing technology (ROFLEZ).

  5. birzu.sergiu says:

    I have several questions/topics:

    1. How to convert Twitter traffic ?
    2. What’s your opinion on the new nofollow (
    Danny: So there’s 10 links on home page, 5 pages Nofollowed, where is that link juice going?
    Matt Cutts: You can think of it as evaporating.)
    more here: http://www.ragepank.com/articles/post-nofollow/
    3. Exploiting Google Maps and Regional Search (hotels + location for example)
    4. Hints on domain Squatting (like twiter.com for example and how to convert tibest – see http://www.candy.com)
    5. Is ranking domains a better solution rather than parasite hosting on a low competition niche.
    6. Why are my BING results better than Google (especially due to Linkbuilding) ?

    These are for now 😛

  6. Fabermax says:

    A Call For More Questions? Ok, here’s a question for you.

    I have a .com domain (it’s an italian site, but I think it doesn’t matter much) recently penalized by Google. It ranked VERY well for competitive phrases on mortgage/financial topics, I was monetizing it with contextual adv and making good profit.

    After two years of good rankings it dropped for every query (including the name of the site) on Google SERPs. The site has not been banned, but now it can’t be found before the 5-6th page of Google.

    I suspect the problem is some comment spam I did 2 years ago with links pointing directly to the domain (I was young and foolish), the rest is perfectly OK. 2 months ago I removed the advertising, fixed some glitches and filed a reconsideration request but with no luck: the site is still penalized.

    Two days ago I created a new domain with same contents of the penalized site and I redirected every page to it through a meta refresh with refresh time = 0 sec. (it’s a static site). Still waiting for the new domain to be indexed, but I fear it will inherit the Google penalty.

    Now, I DON’T want to lose that domain, it’s still a PR3 full of good original content – I want to find a way to recover its popularity, no idea to give up.

    So the question is: what would YOU do to recover the domain popularity of such a penalized website or, at least, make the most of it?

  7. karoshi says:

    Quads, I would love to read more about the business side of things. For you those issues might seem mundane, but I think a lot of people would be interested in how you do business.
    Off the top of my head these are some of the questions i would like to read about:
    – Where do you find coders and other people to work with?
    – Do you work with the same core group of people, or do you change freelancers every now and then?
    – What do you pay your linkninjas?
    – What do you spend most of your time on?
    – How do you go about a new project and what are your planning steps?

    Well you get the idea. Would be great if you would share some information alogn those lines.

  8. Fry says:


    Would be great if you could talk about how to automate the process of registering, creating and posting to free blog hosts.

    Brad recently gave out a list of 700 free blog hosts, the problem is, it takes a long time to register and post on all those blogs, how would you go about automating that or at least reducing the time spent? There must be a tool that does this and is actually reliable?


    P.S. I know the obvious answer is to outsource it but I’m looking around for tools that can do the job first.

  9. chirag Sharma says:

    Questionsssss yes yes….

    1) Is this all twitter nowdays a pulicity stunt??
    2) Do you think this black hat technique will work with bing also ???
    3) Are there any backfoots of the bing that we can attack on.??

    Chirag sharma

  10. Ed says:

    I have a keyword .CA domain for a phrase I want to rank for.

    Is it possible to rank for the keywords in the domain for the .ca and the .us Google search engine?

    With gTLD’s like .com you can geo target a different folder or subdomain, but that doesn’t count for ccTLD’s so how can I do something similar with a .ca domain?

    Create a folder for the US market and then have it have more incoming backlinks from US hosted websites compared to the root domain?

    Regularly when I do a Google.ca search I see .co.uk results turning up, something that doesn’t happen when I would do the same searches on Google.com…can I conclude from that it is possible to have a .ca domain rank well for Google.ca and Google.com?

    Is it possible to have a specific sub folder hosted on a US server and the rest on a .ca server?


  11. fisty says:

    I’ve got a follow-up question on link pyramids. You mentioned that the bottom two layers are automated, but what tools would you typically use to automate them?

  12. Corey says:

    How about something on automation. What kind of things do you automate from building to reporting to research, etc. Do you use all custom solutions or do you have some that anyone can get?

    What about a post on more things you’ve learned. What do you need to do to be a Blackhat, things to avoid, best things that helped you, mentors, etc.

  13. Kevin says:

    Quads, I want to know more about how to gaim social websites, like digg, reddit, and this kind of digg-likes. It gives me a lot of traffic but I need too much work to get first page. Is there any communities or softwares to give me more votes?

  14. lalala says:

    Perhaps you could go into depht explaining the practicalities of building your own link spammer, auto site generator, CMS Automater and other usefull blackhat software?

  15. tibo1234 says:

    Ok, I have a few questions :
    – how do you register, manage, setup, or use a proxy network – let’s be serious and say 10.000 proxy.
    – a part from the pyramid can you explain another strategy ?
    – what is the risk someone is taking using cloudcomputing / regular providers, for setting up a proxynetwork
    – can you tell us about your baning experiences ; how did you get to be banned here and there ?
    – could you enlighten us on how to find reliable dark side hosting companies ?

  16. lohwengk says:

    1) How do we rank for Bing and Yahoo? Preferably without getting shot down by Google. Is there anything else (faster) besides normal anchor text link building with profiles, parasites and articles?

    2) Can you tell us more about using Markov chains to generate content? And recommend some software programs we can use? I’ve looked up google, but can’t quite bridge the gap from the high-level theories to actual practical application for internet marketing. Also, the only software I’ve found seems to be financial simulators for Monte Carlo Markov simulations. I don’t think this is the right kind of Markov chain software, is it? Also, I’ve read single-chain Markov vs multi-chain Markov mentioned. Any idea what this is?


  17. Ed says:

    I hope I can squeeze another question in. 🙂

    I read this blog post at SEOMOZ.org today:

    And Rand mentioned this about one of the sites:

    “Great architecture means that the right pages rank first for the desired query. For example, even though there are lots of pages about “Fisher Island” in Miami, the destination guide ranks first (fisher island site:oyster.com). “‘

    What would qualify as good site structure to make one page not be overwhelmed by other inner pages?


  18. uberfly says:

    How about the ultimate guide to buying links

  19. Christoph says:

    I really want to know how best to leverage your existing sites to promote new ones.

    I have a large number of sites, some in the same niche that i’d really like to leverage to promote my new sites.

    How best to do this?
    I would interlink but dont fancy losing all the sites if something happened

  20. bluevelvetjacket says:

    How about some basics for the non-SEO hangarounds?

    How much traffic is a lot of traffic? You stated in one of your posts that you can cash in .50 to 5 bucks per site visitor. I’m just a geek with some websites, but I could quit my job if I could get just one of my sites to do that. If you’re converting cash out of every visitor, how much traffic do you actually need?

    Anything with real numbers, honestly. Dollars, site stats, percentages, whatever.

    Hell, if you have a moment, how do you do that? I wouldn’t mind quitting my job at all.

  21. munroe says:

    white hat sites like webmasterworld advocate a policy of creating quality content, a sort of “build it and they will come” philosophy. Of course – given the name of your blog – you’re not a believer in strictly white hat techniques. but is this a legitimate strategy for some, or is it actually naive, and bad advice to a new webmaster?
    the reason I ask is that I suspect this advice is given out by people who got in early when there was less competition, and who attribute their success to the wrong things:
    (a) “of course my site is a success, because it’s awesome and my content rocks”
    (b) “of course my site is a success, because being Good pays off karmically”.

    (I’m caricaturing the reasoning, but I don’t think I’m too far off the mark).
    Anyway, I’ve tried this strategy, you might call it the “passive white hat” strategy and it didn’t seem to work. so I’m curious what you think.

  22. munroe says:

    here’s another question. every person and their dog has a post on “link building strategies.”
    got any tips yourself? it doesn’t have to be a comprehensive list of ALL your link building tricks, but some general guides would be good.
    Also, are there any that don’t work? are there any that are no longer worth our time, (like, is hanging around the directory forum at digitalpoint any value at all, for example).

  23. Mechanize says:

    I’d also love another post going into more detail on automation.

    And related to this: how far do you go with tracking traffic? Obviously, you don’t install GAnalytics on your sites. Do you use a similar product (say Sitemeter) or is it bad to use any common Javascript tag with ID because of the footprint it shows?

    If you use server side tracking (say with a common PHP include) what kind of stuff do you think is important to track?