How to Get DoFollow Links on Twitter

Here’s the Google Translated version of the Original French article on how to change get dofollow links from twitter.

On twitter, users post thir tweet from customers for I-phone as Twitterfon, Nambu … others use Firefox extensions TwitterFox to post their message on Twitter, others pass by scripts that use the API and Of course, others go directly from Twitter.
When you post from these applications, as appears tweet posted a statement containing the date of publication of the tweet and at what support you have posted the message with a link to the site of application.

It looks pretty solid but I have not tested it yet. Great find and write up (even if it is in french) by Bob ArdKor.

Update: This whole appears to have been closed.

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  1. internetaffected-com says:

    merci bon ami francais!

  2. […] It seems some SEO guys were so excited to be getting dofollow links from Twitter that they blogged about it. Then, all of a sudden, all the links were nofollow and everyone lost thousands of links. Holy Grendel! You mean, Twitter was listening? Unfortunately, yes. And that’s what happens. As soon as you let the cat out of the bag about something so doggone good, one of two things will happen (and both of them are bad). […]