Mandatory Commercials Have Come to YouTube

It finally happened. You know those mandatory commercials you get before a news clip when you go to a site like abcnews or

Well today I clicked from this discussion thread to this youtube link:

When I got there, I had to sit through a Chili’s restaurant Commercial For 30 Secs before the Video would start. This is the first time I have ever seen this on youtube and it’s probably a trial run. They have all this Geo-Targeting and user information but feed me Chili’s restaurant commercial . . . when I’m surfing the Net from Brazil. I would love to go to a Chilies – but the nearest one is 3000 miles away.

It’s bad enough when you’re watching a youtube spot and you get that annoying adsense ad that covers 1/3 of the video screen for completely irrelevent crap like “Photojournalism Canada” or “Used Printing Machines”. Now those timesuck commercials have arrived to Youtube as well?

It IS a CBS news clip, so it’s possible that Google has struck a deal with this network requiring the commercial before showing copyrighted clips. Regardless, it shows that they are comfortable with the revenue format so expect to see more of this in the future. If this catches on, expect a Tivo-Like application to be developed for tube sites that predownloads all the clips to your computer so you can watch them ithout commercials.

Youtube does need to turn a profit. This is NOT the way to do it. The way to do it is to rank Youtube #1 in Google Searches for every TV show and movie ever made and sell the video download for $1. Give half the money to the copyright holder and make it an “Opt-Out” system like they did with books.

Is that evil? I donno. But it would win and it would be what people actually want.

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One Response to “Mandatory Commercials Have Come to YouTube”

  1. SliceOfPecanPie says:

    I think your idea about micro-payments for downloads is a winner…giving the user the option of commercials or micro-payments to view content. Goog is so aggressive, it doesn’t make me feel bad about being aggressive towards Goog. lol.