Google: Get that Twitter Shit out of my SERPs

Open letter to Google:

Dear Google,

Matt, Sergei, Eric, Larry . . . anyone over at Google – you gotta help. Today I saw this crap in your SERPs:


Twitter is a steaming cesspool of shit and I don’t give a rats ass about what the latest nitwit twitted or tweeted or whatever about anything I’m searching for.
I’m not alone.

Please add one of those Xs or some place in preferences that I can check to never see this shit again.


Almost Everyone

So why is Google doing this? My guess:

Google Wants to Kill Twitter

Let’s forget for a second that more than 70% of twitter users are already bots. This shit in Google SERPs is a call to arms for spammers. If we can get mid SERP placement on incredibly high volume terms just by spamming twitter, well then I guess we’re just gonna have to step up our spamming efforts!

This is how Google is going to kill twitter: by giving all the blackhats and botrunners far too much incentive to spam the shit out of twitter for them to ignore.

When the signal to noise ratio drops too low, people will leave Twitter for Giggle: Google’s Reduced Spam Twitter Clone.

Don’t be evil: MY ASS.

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4 Responses to “Google: Get that Twitter Shit out of my SERPs”

  1. Contempt says:

    But, if they kill the twitter SERPs I’m going to lose money!

    Nah, I do agree. Fucking get that shit outta there.

  2. LOL..I so agree with you..But know what, Google’s paid $15 million to Twitter for the “rights” to display that stuff in their SERPS..Obviously, they wouldn’t want Twitter to earn money in order to kill it..

  3. I agree completely, get it off my search pages! I also think if google gave less weight to the tweets and the people spamming them (I call them “TWITS” LOL) then it would become a more legitimate promotions tool. Nowadays all i get is spam messages and retweets, if I wanted that stuff I would follow the original poster, not 1 of his other accounts just used to spread the same thing loads of times. I use twitter as a social network (in the original sense IE to find out what people I know and celebritys are up at the moment as well as letting them know what I’m up to.) kindly do the same please :P. I’m not saying don’t use it as a promo tool, cos I do, but there are limits to what is fair and you twits are certainly not allowed in my world nor should you stand very highly in the mystical SEO world of google pagerank.

  4. Hello QuadsZilla,
    I never joined twitter. I couldn’t see the point of it. Like all fads, twitter will die this year. The spammers help in this demise. What’s going to be the next kid’s craze – Faecetwit, Titbook, PMS messaging, who knows? Only the market hypers can dictate the next craze!