New Rule For 2010 Onward: Mention 9/11 Only on 1 Day Per Year

It’s time to put this dog down.

Anyone who brings up 9/11 on any day other than September 11th going forward, is officially a fucktard.

I don’t care if what your political philosophy is: right, left, conservative, liberal, anarchist, Marxist . . . whatever! If you use the phrase 9/11 from this day onward (except on 9/11) you’re a fucktard.

Who’s with me?

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13 Responses to “New Rule For 2010 Onward: Mention 9/11 Only on 1 Day Per Year”

  1. 911 Truther says:

    Yea lets just forget about the 3,000 people that were murdered that day, lets ignore the overwhelming amount of physical evidence that now exists that proves there was a high grade explosive material found in the dust covering Manhattan, approx 9 tons of it. You make me sick with ridiculous posts like this. Fucktard!

    • 911 teabagger says:

      uhh yeah, there was, like, 174 tons of C4 brought in by a guy in a donald duck suit, and, like, a government laser and stuff, and the CIA was all like, we don’t know what you’re talking about, and then they like raised taxes and stuff

  2. QuadsZilla says:

    lol – awesome 🙂

  3. QuadsZilla says:

    Never forget: I agree. But STFU about it already.

    I never forgot the first 10 digits of Pi, but I’m not going around using that fucking number to further some political agenda.

  4. Pablo says:

    I dont hear much of it Im afraid…or am I really..? I live in the UK so we dont hear that much about 9/11 anymore. We have a shitty 7/7 that they go on about on occasion but I dont watch much TV so am ok there to… anyways the point is to move on, we dont forget and never will but living in the past doesn’t help either. Happy new year and here’s to the Iran war ;-D

  5. 911 Truther says:

    As much as you wish it was not there the evidence exists!!! Keep ignoring it like the main stream media dose. Teabagger!

  6. DVS says:

    I’m getting tired of politicians and reactionaries using the memory of 9/11 to try to win debates. Honoring those who died is one thing. Using them for political gain is quite another.

  7. dbsec says:

    what a douche bag.

  8. jim says:

    It was a horrible day but the number of times politicians use it for political benefit is absurd. Biden said it best when he tore up Giuliani, whom I admire for his work in NYC, and said that “There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, and a verb and 9/11.” Enough of it.

  9. What?! This is an Outrage! Someone better give me some answers, or I’m gonna Body Slam Yah!!! Dont think those steroids haven’t effected me, I’m gonna slap my manboobs on your face, and then we’ll see if big brother is watching!
    I’ll say 9/11 all day until we get some answers!
    Now everyone Join me as I plan my 2012 independent party run for president and help me play to the fears of society as we instage a revolution!

  10. I’m with ya! And BTW, you don’t have to mention it all the time to remember what was lost that day. Take a chill pill. People absolutely use this term all the time for non-sincere reasons. The more we use it the more numb we get about it. Let’s value it and bring it up when its really time to remember it.