Windows 7 Series Phones

With all the buzz so far this year about iPad and, well, Buzz, the anticipation for the Windows 7 Series Phone was really non-existent.

But after watching the like this one videos:

It looks like the Windows 7 Series phone might be the most important launch this year.

Are they a little late to the game? Sure. But as was pointed out:

History is on Microsoft’s side here—we know what happened the last time Apple had a massive head start. Microsoft is, if nothing else, incredibly patient. Remember the first Xbox? Back when it was crazy that Microsoft was getting into videogames? It’s cost them about a billion dollars and taken nearly 10 years, but now, with Xbox Live, Project Natal and their massive software ecosystem, they arguably have the most impressive gaming console you can buy. That was a pet project. Now, mobile is the future of computing. What do you think Microsoft will sink into that?

This looks like it’s gonna be huge.

I know I want one.

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One Response to “Windows 7 Series Phones”

  1. I sincerely agree. Microsoft might be “very” late to the game. Yet, i started believing in microsoft since they forged win7 with actually listening to their users.

    I hope WinMo7 will be as good as we all want it to be. I know Win7 was…