Aaron: It’s not Spam, It’s a “Newsmaster Site”

Aaron, Aaron. You still don’t know the difference between a spam site and a newsmaster site?

While they may appear similar, they are actually quite different.

Since you’re having trouble with it (and you ARE an SEO expert), no doubt some of my other readers are struggling with it as well. So for all of you, I’ll give you this infographic cheat sheet:


It’s pretty clear to me.

Also note: If you spout off bullshit about purple cows or you have already made millions selling off your steaming pile of shit web “business” during a bubble, then from that point onward, you are incapable of making a spam site. The sociopaths over at Google are too starstruck to ever consider anything you do “spam.”

Hope that helps!


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17 Responses to “Aaron: It’s not Spam, It’s a “Newsmaster Site””

  1. aaron wall says:


    Only word that does it justice!

  2. Type in the red font “Newsmaser”

  3. Fucking hilarious. 😀

  4. hashim Warren says:

    The purple cow guy’s newsmaster site got Google smacked.

  5. seoux says:

    ^^ i like point #7 most 🙂 thx for letting my day start with a smile 🙂

  6. Yura says:

    You left out the “Tied with Aaron Wall” line:
    – A site is spam, if it’s run by a SEO.
    – If the site owner claims not to understand SEO (Jason, Seth, Guy), he’s clean, even if he gets advice from the same SEOs.

  7. My name is Nobody says:

    Post of the year!

  8. Isn’t douche bag two words – and I don’t think he needs the Web 2.0 qualification. He is a douche bag offline as well.

  9. Blacksheep says:

    Isnt that the whole story of Google, scraping content to sell advertsing, I have never seen them post an article that was useful or clear to understand.

  10. Paul says:

    Hilarious. You’re last paragraph sums it up well.

  11. Sean says:

    Well played. One of the funniest things I’ve seen online in awhile.

    Why is Google so scared of the people behind Mahalo?

  12. Robert says:

    Absolutely brilliant, right on the mark. Especially the last 2 points.

    @ Sean: Could it be that most visitors get to Mahalo and then click on a sponsored link? If so, then Google benefits all the way to the bank.

  13. lavelle72 says:

    One of few things that have made my LOL recently, well done

  14. george says:

    web 2.0 douchebag with a custom Google deal