“Mad Libs Converts!” says Case Study

When I was in 3rd grade, I got in trouble for putting curses in a Mad Libs book during lunch hour. We were laughing our asses off and the lunch lady monitor came over, took the Mad Libs book and sent me and my cohort “to the principals office.”

I remember crying for like 2 hours thinking I was going to be in so much trouble as they “called my parrents”. But when my mom came in she was like “OK but look, he got all the parts of speech right: adj, verb, noun – even the adverbs.”

Who gives a shit?

Well, probably no one, but it’s an anecdote that’s tangentially related to this cool case study: so go fuck yourself if you don’t like hearing my life’s story.

In the case study (should I hotlink the pic? – Fuck it, i gave ’em a link, I’m gonna hotlink the pic.) here’s what they did:

And supposedly “Mad Libs style forms increased conversion across the board by 25-40%. ” If true that certainly doesn’t suck and should be added to your arsenal of split run testing.

Now zoom out: What other “games” can you incorporate into the offers you’re promoting? Off the top of my head, I do remember those banners that were like “shoot the duck” or “swat the fly”. They ran forever, so they must have worked.

What other games can you play with your potential conversions to get them to interact more?

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2 Responses to ““Mad Libs Converts!” says Case Study”

  1. Eric Bridges says:

    Interesting article… Liked the humorous run down memory lane as well. I could see how this would work really well with actual products but what about something less physically tangible? For example a certification program…? Just thought it might make for a good discussion…

  2. Blacksheep says:

    We did this with a company that wanted their legal documents online, worked quit well at the time.