Corrected: Top 100 Site Traffic Breakdown

I saw this over at the BBC: A breakdown of traffic for the top 100 sites.

Their infographic was helpful, but it needed a slight correction. After careful study (many hard hours), I have concluded that this updated Infographic more accurately represents the traffic breakdown:

Margin of error +-50%

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4 Responses to “Corrected: Top 100 Site Traffic Breakdown”

  1. Rob says:

    Friday afternoon LOL.

  2. Muskie says:

    I too have long argued, and Google has admitted it for their Zeitgeist that certain terms they omit, adult rated terms. That said social media at offices, I know I use it more than I ever did, because I actually am trying to promote events and causes online so I need to Facebook occasionally.

    Other than that good work.

  3. zeeray says:

    Wow! that’s almost 50% “sin” traffic. I never thought it would be in such highs. While rest of us are trying to claim a tiny piece of real estate in the Internet, porn sites occupy more than 50%. Wonder how many of internet marketers have tried to “diversify” into those lucrative niches. What’s your opinion about it?

    Thanks for the revised graph, btw.

  4. WSzP says:

    Indeed, it’s very easy to get high traffic with adult sites.