The Hypocrisy is Truly Amazing

Don’t you hate assholes that go around touting how they are morally superior to you?

Like priests that tell their flock how to follow God’s Path while molesting teenage boys on the side. Or like a company that says “Don’t be evil”, and then shows every day that evil is in their DNA.

The latest example is the release of a 0-day exploit on Microsoft (don’t miss the comment section there either, it’s priceless):

Google has been the loudest proponent for responsible disclosure in the past. But if you look at the dates in his post, he says he reported it to Microsoft on the 5th of June (a Saturday), who responded the same day. He sent the advisory early in the morning today the 10th of June – meaning Google gave Microsoft less than 5 days to fix it. Even Mozilla backed down from 10 day turn around, and they’re only running a single software suite. How is that possibly reasonable to expect a company like MS to turn around a patch in 4-5 days and then get so upset that then you must go full disclosure? And it’s not like Tavis was acting on his own – he credits other security researchers inside of Google for their help. So apparently it’s okay for Google to go full disclosure, but not for other researchers. The hypocrisy is amazing.

Yes. The hypocrisy is truly amazing. But it’s no longer even remotely surprising.

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One Response to “The Hypocrisy is Truly Amazing”

  1. john campbell says:

    My understanding is this dude did it from his personal account, and not on google’s behalf. Given how much of Google’s reputation this dude has burned, he should really be fired in a public way. This is an example of 1 employee using terrible judgement.