Facebook: Please update your email address.

What the fuck is wrong with facebook and their?:

Our systems have detected that [email address] is no longer a valid email. Facebook requires all users to maintain an active contact email. Please enter and confirm a new contact email below:

I fucking validated it 5 times now including 2 days ago and I’m still getting this message. Get your shit together already, Facebook; You’re the number one destination on the Internet.

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4 Responses to “Facebook: Please update your email address.”

  1. Sean says:

    I feel your pain!!

  2. Mario Lodos says:

    I’ve got exactly the same message. Apparently, they no longer accept non ‘public’ emails (i.e. hotmail, gmail, yahoo…). It really sucks. It seems that Facebook is doing ALL wrong these days.

  3. [sr] says:

    Dude, seriously. I’ve been practicing ignoring that crap for probably 2 months now.

  4. karoshi says:

    Quads, sometimes you gotta let someone know when they screw up.
    Your blog has seriously deteriorated in quality over the last six months at least.
    Back in the days, even your non-SEO posts were inspiring, insightful and entertaining.
    Now your blog has become just a ranting spot. Everytime I check it out, I hope that I’ll get something worthwhile. However all I get is some negative shit that serves no one.
    What’s going on, man?

    At least put your sitemap back on! There is some great value in a lot of your old blogposts. Even though some techniques may be updated, someone who is starting out can still gain a lot from understanding your mindsets.
    Also, I did like to watch your progress throughout your posts, truly inspiring.
    Not so as of late. Please make up your mind and decide what you want to do with this site. You might as well leave it for good.
    Better than the current state.