5 Reasons Writing Great Content Can Help Your Business Grow

Written By Dale Hammington

The most powerful place to advertise your business used to be the Yellow Pages. It was expensive, but all you really had to do was meet with a sales rep, decide what your ad would look like, figure out some schemes for being listed first—like AABBCC Plumbing, and then convince yourself that the $2500 per month that was going to appear on your phone bill was really worth it.

Since the dawn of the Internet, however, you can do things to make your business more visible to the entire world, and if you add social media to the mix, you can have a serious advertising presence no matter how small or large your business is. And quality content can help get you where you want to be.

Of course, you know that Google is the world’s undisputed number one search engine and that it has an ever-changing and complex algorithm that determines where your site appears when someone searches for the product you sell.

This is called your page ranking, and while buying Google AdWords can put you on the top of the page, your natural listing–your organic search results–depend upon what Google determines to be fresh content. This means you just can’t repost someone’s blogs and instantly improve your organic search results. Again, this takes fresh quality content, and here are five reasons why you should have someone else write it:

They Understand Keywords

Concepts like keywords may seem simple, but there are nuances—like things called trailing keywords, for example—that frankly you or your staff probably know little about. A good content writing service should be well-versed in Google analytics and the theory behind writing good blogs.

For example, if you want to rank for a keyword like rent reports, then you should produce really great content like this report on rent averages for apartments in a specific city. This can avoid a lot of on-the-job-training for you and your employees.

A Better-looking Website

There’s nothing like a few apostrophe errors and grammatical mistakes to make your site look like it was designed by an amateur. If your website looks bad, so do you. Great content writers can make sure that the writing presented on your site is clean, neat and correct, much like this post on home buying.


Clichés and worn-out phrases are another way to turn off potential customers that have come across your site. Good content writers know how to strip these words from their content and provide you with fresh and appealing articles. They also know what it means to sell on the Internet and how to optimize your site for break-out sales.


How long do you think it takes to write a 500-word blog? If you are not accustomed to writing Internet articles, it might take you hours but for seven cents a word or $35, you can have someone else do it. If it takes you three hours to finally produce a decent blog, it’s probably worth 35 bucks to pay someone else to do it.


Finally, a great Internet writing campaign can get your clients and customers quickly, so it’s certainly worth it to have the pros handle this piece of your marketing picture.

If you’re a great writer, by all means, write your own stuff, but if you have better things to do, consider a content writing company.

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