6 Top Link Building Strategies You Should Have Knowledge About

Written By Dale Hammington

Link building is the process of obtaining links to a particular page on a website. In search engine optimization, these links are also known as the backlinks, inbound links and the external links and they are also considered to be the most valuable endorsements for a particular website. A high-quality backlink is an influential factor when it comes to search engine optimization. It is known to serve as a quality signal to the search engines, can help in increasing the awareness of a brand and also has a positive impact on the organic traffic of that particular website.

It is true that link building is known to play one of the most important roles when it comes to search engine optimization, and you need to know that despite everything, this tactic is extremely controversial as well. The reason behind this is that some of the unscrupulous sites are responsible for using the techniques of link building for exploiting loopholes in the algorithms of search engines so that the websites get ranked higher in comparison to what they deserve. This is known as the Black hat strategy and it includes:

  • Purchasing links from various link farms.
  • Showing different types of contents to search engines in comparison to what is actually shown to the users.
  • Injecting a hidden link into any website, which is not owned by a link builder by trying to exploit security flaws.

These tactics can be problematic because they cannot be counted as genuine endorsements. However, the piece of good news is that the modern algorithms have started becoming more advanced and hence they can easily question the inbound links, which are fishy. If you do not want your website to get banned from the search engines, it is crucial that you have knowledge about the ideal strategies for link building that will help you reap all the necessary benefits.

Given below is a list of the techniques that you can follow.

Gain knowledge about your audience

If you are interested in seeing your audience grow, it is crucial that you have knowledge as to how you can expand the audience base or how you can discover a new audience. If your answer is yes, you should know two important things, your current audience and what exactly your audience looks like? It is crucial that you carry out proper and necessary research in order to understand who exactly your audience is and what they are expecting from you.

Create fresh content, which is customer-focused

An easy and efficient way of receiving a number of inbound links of good quality is by generating quality, unique, as well as insightful content, which is going to compel people to link to your business site. The links that are normally found in the blog posts are considered to be the best source of links as well as backlinks in the social media networking platforms, which include Twitter and Facebook, and these kinds of links are being valued by the reputed search engines to a great extent.

Focusing on quality as opposed to quantity

Above everything, the quality of the inbound links of a particular site holds more significance than anything else. Few reliable and trustworthy claims are considered to be a lot more valuable in comparison to hundreds of links, which are questionable or doubtful. It is definitely going to be worth your effort if you are seeking out links from the valued websites that also have high traffic.

In addition, having a number of links within a really short time or links from doubtful and low-quality websites, have the chances of triggering warnings within the algorithm of search engines. This can create a manual penalty, which in turn is capable of lowering the keyword ranking of the site along with search traffic. In order to know more, you can visit <a href=”http://www.readysetseo.com.au/”> www.ReadySetSeo.com.au for SEO Adelaide</a>.


It is true that it can be extremely tempting to look for the easy and simple link targets; however, you have to understand that the significance of a particular backlink to any website is known to matter to a great extent. The website content of the link along with anchor text needs to have relevance with the landing page, which the link is responsible for leading to. If the inbound link is relevant and targeted, the website is going to get more organic traffic.

Anchor text

Anchor text is responsible for providing a search engine with information regarding the content of a particular page, to which it has been linked. Any site, which is linking into the business website, will make use of branded text as well as anchor text. According to www.accelerationpartners.com, 70% of the anchor text of the backlink needs to be branded and should have a logo for a complete URL in order to ensure that the anchor text profile is natural. If the anchor text is over optimized, it can lead to penalties. A good resource for creating branded links isĀ Rebrandly.

Online directories

Linking with the help of online directories is considered to be one more strategy, which might not really work as well as it used to do before. If a person has enough time to conduct research on the directories, which are not only trusted but also specific to the subject matter of his site, it is definitely going to be worthwhile. Few directories are still considered to be relevant for real estate, hospitals, and tourism.

A directory should be human edited because directories, which require vetting processes are normally given more weight in comparison to the directories, which have entries, that can be added manually. Directories are considered to be an important source of quality inbound links and they also have the capability of increasing organic traffic by advertising the site to a number of potential users.


In order to learn more about link building, it is crucial that you reach out to a professional SEO team. Link building is extremely important and you need to ensure that it is being done in the proper way. Outranking your competitors on Google is one of the best things you can do for your business. To outrank your competitors on Google SERPs, you must stay on top best SEO practices.

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