Best Android Phones for Gamers

Written By Dale Hammington

People like to play games on mobile for entertainment. There are thousands of games available for Android users and they can install them and play. One such game is the Pokémon game which the people love to play. The main thing that the users have to consider is the memory and storage capacity of the mobile. If the mobile has a microSD slot, it is good as users can install the games in the card and there is no need to use phone storage. Here are some of the best mobiles which users can buy and play games.

The processor of the mobile is another thing to be considered for a gaming phone. The processor must be strong to manage the games. The screen should be big enough to enjoy the game. Here are the details of some of the mobiles, which users can use to play the games.

Honor View 20

Honor View 20 is one of the best Android mobiles as its screen size is 6.4 inches having a resolution of 1080 pixels and a powerful processor. There are some drawbacks also on this phone. The resolution of the screen is low. Another drawback is the lack of microSD card slot. But still, the mobile is good as it comes with the feature of Wi-Fi signal boosters

The Gaming+ mode will reduce the battery usage and users can play games for a long duration. The rear camera of the mobile is of 48MP while the front camera is of 25MP.

Razer Phone 2

Razer Phone 2 has the HDR screen of 5.7 inch, which has the refresh rate of 120Hz. The picture quality of the screen is more than average. The sound card in the mobile is Dolby Atmos and processor is Snapdragon 845 whose processing speed is very fast. The battery of the mobile is of 4000mAh, which provides the life of ten hours when fully charged. The battery can be fully charged from 0% to 100% within two hours.

There are many types of settings available on the mobile, which the people can use for playing games and watching movies. The only drawback in this handset is that it has no socket for using earphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung S9 Plus is a good alternative to iPhone X. The mobile carries a process of Snapdragon 845 whose processing speed is very good. Users can play a lot of games whether light or heavy without worrying about processing speed. They can also perform multitasking easily. The 6.2 inch AMOLED display of the mobile provides good vision as it has the resolution of 1440 x 2560. The battery life of the mobile is not good and it needs charging after a few hours. In spite of this drawback, the mobile is considered as a good gaming phone.

Sony Xperia XZ2

This mobile has many features, which help the people in playing games easily. The mobile has a Snapdragon 845 fast processor and a screen of 5.7 inches. The screen has the resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. The mobile also has dual front-facing speakers, which produces the lovely sound of the games as users can hear every beat. The battery of the handset is of 3180 mAh that provides a good battery life. The phone also has microSD card slot and users can insert the SD card to store more games.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 XL is an improved version of Google Pixel 2 XL. The mobile is descendant of Google Nexus. The mobile comes with a 6.3 inch OLED screen whose resolution is 1440 x 2960. The mobile runs on Android 9.0 Pie operating system. The mobile is available on to versions, which are based on storage capacity. One version is available with 64 GB storage while the other with 128 GB. The battery is of 3430 mAh, which provides a long duration of battery life.

Final Verdict

There are many other mobiles which users can use to play various types of games whether light or heavy. These mobiles have a fast processor and screens with good resolution. The battery life of some of them is good while few need to be charged after a few hours. The storage capacity of these mobiles is good and if they come with microSD card slot, it will be excellent as it increases the storage capacity.

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