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Check This Out: A Solid Lower Level Link Building Tool

How is that link building going for you? Still a pain in the ass?

Building the lower layer of links can be a royal pain the behind.

Lately I’ve come across this tool that can automate a lot of the painful routines for you or your contractors.


* Create worpdress blogs in WPMU hosts
* Create blogspot blogs
* Create tumblr blogs
* Post comments on Pligg hosts

It does it automatically too. Creates the email accounts, fills the forms, breaks the captchas, pretty much everything.

You can also enter your own {spun | creatively written | machine generated} content on it using the typical content spinner export format.

If you spend some time mastering the tool you can create networks of blogs and manage them using a blog network manager. Haven’t tried this yet but looks pretty decent. This means you can build different layers of link equity without worrying about your own self hosted domains.

Check these videos for some more detail:

Getting links:

Getting Links from LFE on Vimeo.

Managing your blog farm:

Managing Blogs from LFE on Vimeo.

This tool could work wonders for spammers trying to build the bottom layer of their link pyramids. Don’t be a lazy ass, do a good job avoiding footprints and generating good quality content.

I’m told Version 2.0 is being worked on. The big promise is a task manager/scheduler with which you will be able to set up your projects and forget about them for as long as you like.

Check it out: link farm evolution.

What Can Xrumer Do?

I’m going to get into link spamming structure over the next few weeks. As far as off the shelf software goes, Xrumer is certainly towards the top in terms of quality, power, and functionality.

If you don’t already know what it does, you’re gonna wanna watch this demo so we have a common starting point from which to have a discussion.

After you watch the clip, if you want to demo Xrumer you gotta register here. More to come tomorrow!

Temporay Cloaking While Link Spamming

Over at contentgeneration, Brad has a wordpress plugin that will cut down on the complaints you get from link spamming:

It’s a temporary cloaking plugin for WordPress. It allows you to display a simple message to visitors, such as “Account Suspended: Please Contact Support”, but allows the search engines spiders to see and index the whole blog. In other words, humans see the “Account Suspended” message while spiders see the blog. This works with blog’s homepages, individual posts, categories, archives – in fact every page on a blog! This trick will dramatically reduce the risk of complaints for spamming links!

Great Idea that’s been done for a while now made easy with a wordpress plugin.

Nice Work.

We Want to Test Your Black Hat SEO Scripts

Do you have a script or program that you sell to build links, content, or some other black hat SEO trick?

Is your script ready for prime time? Is it ready for an Honest review? If so, contact me, get the program in my hands and we’ll take a look. Then we’ll post an honest appraisal on SEO Black Hat.

Our readers keep asking us for more great tools. If you can fill this need, there’s money to be made.

GDrive Now.

Network Drive IconSpeculation about a “G-Drive” has been around for years: A GDrive being hard disk space in the cloud, accessible from anywhere on the bullet-proof infrastructure of Google.

Articles from 2006 Claim “GDrive, Not a Rumor“. Even yesterday, we saw Internet abuzz with Google GDrive rumors.

It’s called vaporware folks. All this buzz about something that may happen someday.

But you don’t have to wait anymore; and you shouldn’t. You can have a “Gdrive” right now.

Why would you want a “Gdrive”?

It’s a Fact: Shit Happens.

In the USA In 2007 there were:

If all your physical computer property were destroyed or stolen tomorrow, would you be up shit’s creek without a paddle? Would you lose all your personal photos, videos, documents and working projects? If so, you need a bullet proof backup solution. You need a GDrive.

Now, if you could get a scalable 50 Gig “Gdrive” for around $10 / month – would you want it?

Because if you cross out the word “Google” in G-drive and fill in “GAMEY”, a “Gdrive” is already available. (GAMEY = Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Ebay, Yahoo).

About Amazon S3

From Amazon:

“Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites.”

You Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee.

Storage is $0.150 per GB / Month
Transfer is $0.100 per GB Upstream and $0.170 per GB downstream.

When you do the math, it’s so cheap to store your date on this bullet proof service that you really can’t afford not to do it. 10 GB of storage would run you less than $2 a month.

How to Setup a GDrive Using Amazon’s S3

It’s easier than you thought.

Step 1: Sign Up For Amazon’s Amazon Simple Storage Service.

Step 2: Install the S3Fox Organizer for Amazon (S3Fox) Firefox Plugin.

Step 3: Go to Tools -> S3 Organizer and Set up an Amazon S3 account with by Naming the account and entering your Access Key and Secret Key.

Step 4: Create your first “bucket”. When you right click on the left side you will see an option for “Create Directory”. Any root level directory created will be a “bucket”.

Step 5. Double click the bucket, and start uploading. There’s even an option to sync with a folder built into s3fox.

For Video and Photos, Flickr Pro is a better bet

If you have more than 10 Gigs of personal photos and videos, Flickr Pro is probably a better backup solution for those filetypes. For $2 per month, you get unlimited transfer, unlimited storage, a nifty file interface, good privacy and sharing options, and a desktop uploader. You can even upload photos via an email attachment.

Facebook or Myspace are also worth considering for video and photo management depending on your needs. But just keeping those photos on your hard drive with a DVD backup means that you lose all those “memories” if your house burns down. How much would that suck?

People know they should back up their data. For me, $100 or less a year to have my data safe on GAMEY is a no brainer.

How much is your data worth?

An SEOs Guide to Proxies – FAQ

(Special thanks to Insomniac of Digital Cyber Soft for posting most of the following in our forum):

What is a proxy?

In it’s simplest form a proxy is a relay for data between two computers. A proxy can be anonymous, or not anonymous (transparent). As with most things one proxy does not fit all situations, so you will have to find the most appropriate proxy to the task you wish to complete.

What does that have to do with SEO?

This completely depends on what you wish to accomplish. The two most common purposes for proxies in the SEO industry are firstly to spoof (or fake) your country of origin, and secondly to get around various filters imposed on you by various websites.

Why would I want to fake my country?

There are many reasons, not all of which are Black Hat. In the past I have had a Right Media rep tell me to use a proxy to test geotargetting (serving diferent ad or content to diferent regions). From a Black Hat perspective, you might wish to artificially make it appear you receive a higher percentage of U.S. traffic (or any other region for that matter).

Why do websites filter by IP usage? Don’t they wan’t the traffic?

Alot of websites offer some great services which are useful to everyone. However if their server load is too high their costs increase. Or they could be in a situation where the data they provide is valuable, so they only provide small ammounts of it at a time. Most sites which filter traffic do so on a per IP basis, and only rarely filter by C block’s (the last digits of an IP 192.68.0.XXX).

I get it, proxies give me more IP’s to abuse, but why would I care about being anonymous?

Apart from the obvious situation where the service you are accessing is copyright, there are plenty more reasons. For example, if you are creating multiple accounts on a service such as Digg, your IP you use makes it very easy for moderators to locate your fake accounts and remove them. However if each account has diferent details and no logical link between them then you are far less likely to lose your accounts all at once.

Sounds dodgy, are proxies legal?

This is a rather touchy subject, most free countries have no laws against using proxies aslong as you don’t have to bypass any security to use it. This means, if the proxy requires a username and password to access it then unless the proxy owner has given it to you, you are not legally allowed to use it. Thankfully, Black Hat SEO techniques do not include illegal activities, but if one were to step over that border then a proxy is a must.

Is it ok to transfer sensitive information over proxies?

Unless you own and run it, absolutely not. People have been known to setup Honeypot (system activity monitor) proxies to do jut that, steal information.

Wow, proxies are great, but where do they come from?

A large ammount of the time proxies are setup by accident. System administrators intend to set one up for their network and accidentally forget to deny external traffic. Certain types of proxies such as Socks (not made for the feet) are more commonly spread by viruses for email spam purposes.

Ok, I got myself some proxies, but they none of them seem to do anything, whats the deal?

Quite simply, most people who provide proxies do not test them properly first. Due to the nature of proxies they regularly go down, and run under some odd parameters.

Your average proxy list goes through one stage checking against what is called a “proxy judge”. However, due to the nature of checks in the average standalone software — it’s not always possible to detect whether a proxy is truly active or not. This leads to many false positives about whether the proxy is active and even about its’ anontmity.

The system we use to build the proxy list for goes through a considerable ammount of tests and frequent rechecks. The entire list of public proxies is rechecked roughly once every two hours. Access to the proxy list is a new benefit availabe to forum members.

A script to fetch the proxies has already been created and posted on the boards.

Brainstorming for a Better, More Brandable Domain Name

Normally, buying and using an aged domain with existing backlinks for a new project is the best option for a webmaster. However, if you already have a sizable network of sites and tons of great contacts in the industry, you should consider selecting a name that is brandable and fits with what you are doing.

This process can pay large dividends later on when your brand name becomes synonymous with the service you offer. Plus, brainstorming doesn’t have to be a painful process – you can have fun while being productive. After all, when the game stops being fun, it’s time to find something else to do.

Take the example of Levi from boogybonbon. About a month ago, we started talking about an incredible new Keyword service he was developing.

These excerpts from our ICQ conversations should help you when you’re brainstorming about a new project:

Session Start (L3vi): Tue Aug 15 18:09:04 2006
L3vi: I’m asking a handful of friends. Got any good ideas for a keyword search service domain name? The guy at will not sell me the domain no matter what I offer so I’m now scratching my head on something that is marketable to the point that I could standup to wordtracker or better.
QuadsZilla: consider something brandable without kw
L3vi: yeah.. that’s what I been trying..
L3vi: looking for something with word or keyword.. or something that will feel like keywords stuff. lol seo, design, marketing is easy.. this is always the pain in the ass stuff.

QuadsZilla: keywordalizer
L3vi: hmm not bad how about
QuadsZilla: you could also go with something like keywordromp
QuadsZilla: wordromp
QuadsZilla: if its avail
L3vi: that sounds like a sex site. ;p LOL
QuadsZilla: = more traffic!
L3vi: how about wordzar

QuadsZilla: is that how you spell zar?
QuadsZilla: isn’t there another letter in there?
L3vi: yeah
L3vi: its tzar or also spelled ZAR
L3vi: ref

QuadsZilla: wordbot?
L3vi: taken
L3vi: Zar may refer to: Alternative spelling of “Tsar” was the official title of the supreme ruler in the following states. ref wikipedia

QuadsZilla: that’s what i was thinking
L3vi: that one has come back around 3 times. Larry gives a B+. I’m middle ground about it, but been spitting out domain names all day so I’m getting run down on what sounds good and what is just another word. LOL
QuadsZilla: ;p
L3vi: lol
L3vi: “[16:55] l3vi:
[16:55] l3vi: lol
[16:55] l3vi:
[16:56] Larry: lol”

QuadsZilla: i own
QuadsZilla: if you want that
QuadsZilla: not too descriptive
QuadsZilla: but very “2.0”
QuadsZilla: you really going to start that on a fresh domain?
L3vi: don’t know if it feels right. Ill have to sleep on that..
QuadsZilla: that’s madness
L3vi: yeah. why not. LOL built my empire from fresh domains. ;p
QuadsZilla: back in the day
QuadsZilla: how about wordtacker?
QuadsZilla: wordtackler
L3vi: I could put it on, but I don’t know how well it will hold up on my blog for a service.
QuadsZilla: wordsmacker
L3vi: I don’t want to get in any wrangles with wordtracker of copyright and C&Ds
QuadsZilla: i know. i was kidding 😉
L3vi: bbl going to go play some 360 and drink a beer. ;p get my mind off of it till I get a better idea.
QuadsZilla: you’ll think of it when you’re half drunk
L3vi: yeah then forget it. LOL

Finally, after he decided to take a break and walk away from it – it hit him:

Session Start (L3vi): Tue Aug 15 19:32:39 2006
L3vi: I did not even get down the steps. LOL I think I found it..
QuadsZilla: that’s GOOD!
L3vi: cool that’s 3 thumbs up.. Ill go with that. now im taking that break..

We’ve had tons of other talks about Wordze since. I finally got to take it for a spin last week and was VERY impressed with the caliber of the product.

From today’s official release:

Unlike any other keyword research service available today, provides users access to a whole new level of keyword research by giving users up-to-date historical and sessional data on keywords that are being search for by internet users through ISP’s or Internet Portals.

It’s head and shoulders above the other keyword research products out there and can even give you an estimate on how competitive a search phrase is with its’ patent pending “Wordrank” technology.

Already, forum members have a great domain tool to work with and a 50% discount on the profession Cloaking software Kloakit. Levi and I are working out the details on how exactly to give access to members of the private SEO Black Hat forum. It will most likely be some sort of discount and the ability to test drive the product.

Look for an announcement on that in the next week or so.

We will be announcing yet another service that is only available to members of the Private SEO Black Hat Forums tomorrow . . .

XSS Security Tool

SEO Egghead has created a security tool to scan your web pages to check for Cross Site Scripting / HTML injection vulnerability.

It’s not designed for you to scan every site on the net. It’s more for checking select pages . . . probably because he doesn’t want his servers to assplode!

The Most Cutting Edge SEO Exploits No One is Publishing

You know that the best SEO Black Hats are doing something more than scraping, using a site generator, comment spamming, and pinging to be raking in more than $100k per month.

But what is it?

Right now, there is way too much good stuff that I simply can’t publish on the SEO Black Hat blog. If I posted these tactics and exploits they would immediately get all the wrong kind of attention. The detailed conversations about how exactly to abuse search engine algorithms, generate massive traffic, and what other Black Hats are doing must remain underground to retain their effectiveness.

But what if I told you that you could discuss these exploits with me without paying my $500 an hour consulting fee? What if I told you there was a way to join in on the private, cutting edge discussions with some of the best Black Hats and web entrepreneurs in the world?

Would you be interested?

Because now you can . . .

Today is the official launch of the resource you’ve looked everywhere for but never found:

The Private SEO Black Hat Forum

Normally what you get on forums are people who don’t know anything talking with people who don’t want to say anything. You can occasionally find amazing tips on some forums: but you have to dig through 400 crappy posts just to find one post that is useful. That becomes a huge time sink.

How are the SEO Black Hat forums different?

Quality: We’re not going to have any contests to see who can make the most posts. That just creates tons of crap that no one wants to read. Our focus is on quality over quantity. Our primary concern is with succinctly answering one question: “What works?”

Sophisticated: Many of the topics we discuss are very advanced and require a high level of technical or business acumen to appreciate.

Expert Discussions: The SEO Black Hat forums are not for everyone and they may not be right for you. If you are relatively new to SEO or building websites, then do not join the SEO Black Hat Forums: you will be in way over your head. There are plenty of newbie forums out there for you – this is not one of them. Our forums are for successful web entrepreneurs to develop strategies that drive more traffic and generate more revenues.

Forum Membership Benefits

Access to Expert Advice and Discussions
We have both White Hat and Black Hat Experts that are already benefiting from new tool development, techniques, scripts and the sharing of ideas.
Some members you may already be familiar with include:

* CountZero from (Black Hat)

* RSnake from (Web Security Expert)

* Dan Kramer from Kloakit (Cloaking Expert)

* Jaimie Sirovich from (Token White Hat / SEO Geek)

There are several other members that you are certainly familiar with who are using handles for anonymity. We have others who are more focused on security, vulnerabilities, and coding. There are still more that you are likely unfamiliar with but are nevertheless web millionaires.

Databases – Large Datasets
If you want your sites to have massive amounts of unique content you need large data sets. The trading, discussion and posting of large data sets is going on right now on our forums.

Expired / Deleted Domain Tools
Want to use to use the same domain Tool that I used to get a Page Rank 6 site in the Gambling Space for just $8? This domain tool is available for members to use for free.

50% off on Kloakit – The Professional Cloaking Software

Scripts – Several useful scripts have already been posted – interesting thing you may not have thought of before are being discussed and developed.

Exploits and Case Studies: The really good stuff I can’t talk about on the SEO Blackhat Blog is being discussed on the SEO Black Hat Forums. Right now, some of the conversations include beating captchas, domain kiting, data mining, hoax marketing, XSS vulnerabilities as they relate to SEO, and much more.

Pricing: $100 per month.

The price will soon be rising significantly as more databases, hosted tools, scripts and exploits are added. However, once you lock in a membership rate it will never go up and you will continue to have access to everything.

So, if you think you’re ready for the most intense Black Hat SEO discussions anywhere, then here’s what you need to do:

1. Register at the SEO Black Hat Forums.

2. Go to the User CP and select Paid Subscription.

I’ll see you on the inside!

Kloatit Includes Mediabot IP Range

We have confirmed that the professional Cloaking / IP delivery software, Kloakit, includes the Mediabot IP ranges. This way, in case Google is comparaing the content served to the Googlebot and Mediabot and penalizing if it is different, you will be covered if you are using kloakit and send the same content to both.